Out on the town, and nothing to wear

Good morning, Monday. Thanks for all the love after Friday's post. I appreciate all the lovely messages I received of support and some of concern. I'm actually ok. I'm just learning to live my most authentic life and I'm devoted to sharing more of my deepest thoughts with you. More on that later in the week.

As for today, I'm officially stumped on a wardrobe thing. I know, right? That doesn't normally happen to me. But I was invited to a 50th birthday girl's weekend in Vegas at the end of this month and the dress code is one of my favorites: caftan chic. I've got that down. Don't worry. My caftans have caftans.

But we're going out on the town Saturday night so that caftan may not cut it. Needless to say, I don't require many nighttime looks these days. The last time I was out past midnight? I don't even remember . That's just not my thing anymore and I'm more than fine with it. But I remember all those nights as a younger woman in New York and all of those LOOKS, girl. So many looks, so little time.

If you lived in New York in the 90s, you no doubt owned about 5 pairs of black pants at the very least, which you wore with a cute "going out" top. Mine included some ribbed cap sleeve sweaters as well as some silky button downs a la Gucci (but not Gucci) with some sort of sexy bra peeking out underneath. There were also suede minis, and one white pleather one, worn with knee high boots. In the summer? My bevy of slip dresses. Often worn with a ribbed tank or nothing at all underneath and some Converse slides or plaftorm clogs. There were also of course some LBDS. A lot of those too.

But cut to now.

I really wasn't planning on buying a thing for this trip as I'm all about saving and not spending these days, but my insomnia got the better of me the other night so I took a spin around the internet. And OMG. What happened to going out wear? Well, nothing really. It's just that I'm a good deal older now and the looks that were served to me did not feel right. At all. Too short. Too tight. Too in your face when it comes to sexy. I'm not a vulgarian. Or a Kardashian. And I hate that whole jeans and a "cute top" thing. That ain't me, babe. No no no.

So what's a girl to do when she's, well, no longer a girl? If you search any site's "night out" looks, you're going to be shocked at how cheesy it all looks. Or at least I was.

For a Saturday night in Vegas,  I started leaning towards something vintage. Black of course. Maybe a maxi. Maybe something beaded. Definitely something from the 70s. But then Etsy gave me a headache so I had to stop looking.

So I settled on a classic from my own closet-  a one shoulder black silk Helmut Lang midi dress- Grecian/caftan in shape but polished and sexy in the right way. That maybe with a pair of gold Gucci heels I splurged on a few seasons back. That could do the trick. And boom. I 'm still on brief with the caftan thing. If that look fails, I'll go for my trusty Malia mills black jumpsuit- Long sleeved, silky button down with the same heels I mentioned from Gucci and loads of gold around the neck. Could work. When in doubt, ask yourself: What would Bianca do? Works every time.

I'm looking forward to a little Vegas action. What's your go to look these days when it come to night moves? If I was feeling reedier, I think my default would be a tux jacket/trousers and some high heeled sandals a la this look from Hedi Slimane's time at Dior. I'd make the pants move of the stovetop varietal to keep it very slim. To me, that's perfection. Holy chic.

Cause that's what's up this out on the town kind of Monday in the 718. Yours, in keeping it together, and rolling the dice. XO