On discernment and thinking it all through

Good afternoon, Friday and TGIbloodyF. It's been a long, cold week and looking forward to a chill weekend, including Super Bowl Sunday I suppose.

So sometimes I channel that aforementioned psychic/intuitive ability I mentioned the other day and then realize I want to share it will all of you. For instance, today I was watching CNN when they announced Cory Booker running for Prez in 2020. Admittedly, we've all been watching him for a minute and it's not a huge surprise. But damn if that field is not becoming overcrowded and hard to distinguish. And it just turned 2019.

Obviously we know this is a reaction to the polarization Trump has caused in this country. And everyone is ready to jump off the deep end. But a word came to me this morning and it's stuck with me all day. It whispered quietly in my brain as I watched the news and that word is/was "discernment".

Hmm. It's a popular word of late as we continue to explore mindfulness and intention and all of that fun stuff.  But truly, it's a perfect word for how I'm feeling. And I think I may smell a trend in the near future. Instead of too much we should probably go back to just enough. 

Take social media. Many people I know are opting out of Facebook and choosing to stay on Instagram and/or Twitter or whatever depending on what suits them. So instead of the constant bombardment of "like" culture, we are now choosing/discerning which networks are right for us, and which we can actually stand to look at.

Another reason discernment is top of mind is because I've been thinking a ton lately about finances and work and my relationship to both. As many of you know, I love stuff. But lately I've chosen to live with less, and buy a lot less of said stuff. Essentials only. Need vs. want. You name it. My shopping is becoming more discerning as I focus on building my writing business and simply because- I am so overstimulated when it comes to the constant barrage of "sale sale sale" and feed feed feed of clothes shoes whatever you want. Back in the day, people lived with less and it was way ok. Now because of fast fashion and our consumption addiction, we all have too much. And we buy too much. And as I get older, I want good things.  So because of that, it's all about less. And being mindful and discerning when it comes to what constitutes a true "must have".

And it's not surprising that this coordinates with the work I do- I'm trying to be more discerning about the work I take on, who with, and whether it's a step in the right direction, a means to an end, or just a whole lot of fun.  Kind of a quasi resolution of mine- choose wisely when it comes to work.  Oh and food. Of course, food. Just be more mindful of what I'm putting in my body in general.  It's really appearing (the d word) in every area of my life. So I need to trust it.

We are more than fortunate to have the choices we do. But when I look at things like a major election, it's hard to keep score. And as a nation,  I think we need to be alpha discerning when it comes to choosing our next President. So with everyone jumping in the pool, I can't help but worry about drowning. Drowning in options. Drowning in voices. And drowning in too much being, well, too damm much.

I'm not sure if any of you meditate-  I do on occasion but not nearly enough- but that word "discernment" is coming up for me hot and heavy as the work week comes to a close. How will you choose what to wear, what to do, and what to eat this weekend? You might want to give some of this stuff an extra think. Oh and that KKW lipstick the other day? I know. I don't need it. But being able to write about it was well worth it. 

Cause that's what's up this choosing wisely kind of Friday in the 718. Yours, in- you guessed it. Discernment. XO