New workout alert: Pilates is my old/new jam

Hello, Thursday.  It's a beautiful day in the bomb cycloneberhood. Crazy. Wind is positively howling and Khan and I are hunkered down.

So here's something. Everyone is headed to the gym these days as the calendar strikes 2018. It's inevitable really. And I've always been a consistent workout type of girl because it keeps me from going completely insane. It's true. A stronger, tighter bod is a bonus at this point in my life. 

I wanted to shout out my favorite new/old workout- new because I'm doing it at a new place but old because I used to do this form of exercise all the time, and it's Pilates. I have always loved it but prefer to do it on the Reformer (a machine that looks vaguely torture-like but is really a series of pulleys and strings for resistance training) vs. on the mat.  Remember when Pilates first became a thing in the late 90s? I used to go to re/ab in Nolita wayyy back in 1997, and got hooked on it from that point on. It's a workout that anyone can do, and it does wonders for any aches, pains, or posture issues. Super easy on the joints which is a plus for me these days. Cause my joints are a bit janky of late. 

In my Brooklyn neighborhood, Club Pilates (a chain)  has opened, and it's fantastic. As workout junkies know, Pilates classes can be super expensive, and this franchise has figured out how to bring down the price to $25 a class. That's less than Soul Cycle. Still expensive, but much better than the normal price. My classes rarely have more than 5-6 people and the teachers are super attentive. It is, without a doubt, a workout that is both challenging and therapeutic at the same time. I am LOVING it and want to do it as much as possible. It's not the type of workout where you walk out in a sweat, but the next day you will feel it. In all the right places. I'm hoping to go at least twice a week and supplement with my usual routine of spin, barre, and yoga. 2018. I'm branching out, yo. I do tend to get obsessed with a workout when it feels right, and I always get psyched when I pull myself out of an exercise rut when I find something new to do.

If you happen to have a Club Pilates in your neck of the woods, check it out- they have over 300 studios with many more scheduled to open. I know in the city they have a spot in Tribeca too, highly recommend this workout-  it stretches, tones, and works your core. It's all about that long, lean look, even if you dance more like Elaine Benes than a Fosse girl.  I trekked there this am in the snow (bonus for it being a block away from my apartment) and the workout was intense but enjoyable. Love the TRX training too, no doubt strengthening but feels so much better than lifting heavy weights. Oh and dudes (as if dudes read this blog), it's great for you too. Usually 50/50 mix of men and women in classes. Lots of athletes do pilates to heal from injuries and get stronger and more agile.  

So if you have a chance, check out this chain and get involved. Holler at me if you ever want to come to Cobble Hill and take a class with moi.  I think combined with other workouts it's perfection (yea, I know. Cardio. Ugh).

Cause that's what's up on this snow day of a Thursday in the borough of Brooklyn. Yours, in white out conditions and toned abs. XO