Merc, you killin' me

Oh hey, Wednesday. Um. Mercury- a word, please.

So I don't know why you're choosing this particular cycle to relentlessly mess with me, but DAYUM.

First I leave my phone in an Uber yesterday. Then I get it back and have to rush to dinner with an uncharged phone. Then I try to take money out of some ATM in Brooklyn and Bank of America freezes my card and tells me to call them, when I've got 20% power on my phone. Then I have my husband call me a LYFT so I can get home from dinner with a dear friend. Then I am on hold with said bank for ONE FULL HOUR. And now, as I tuck into the work day, I've left my glasses at home and am sitting here wearing my sunglasses inside. 


Sure there's worse stuff. I'm aware. But gah what a 24 hours. Plus, it's toooooo hottttt stillll.

OK, rant over. Watch your back, kid and protect 'yo neck. Shit's real weird out there. Anyone else feeling the burn?

Cause that's what's up this wacky Wednesday. Yours, in astrological forces and communication breakdowns. (Hey I just made a Wu Tang reference and a Zep reference in the same post despite some rather crappy odds ;)) XO