Maven's headed to the classroom

Good almost afternoon, Tuesday. Little announcement- going back to school today. Before you get too excited, I'm only taking a class at night at the Art Students League here in the city- it's a fashion illustration class and I couldn't be more thrilled. Many of you know I've been back at the drawing board of late, and I'm loving my newfound passion for sketching. I'm taking a class with genius illustrator Bill Donovan, and hoping this reignites that flame for creativity I've been seeking since pencils down just after high school (yes it's been that long).

I've written in a forthright manner about my frustration of late when it comes to career- and though I'm probably not going to become a professional illustrator any time soon, I'm curious to see where this creative exploration takes me. My soul craves something artistic and hoping this will be just what said soul requires to keep on chugging. I can't wait to shop for my supplies- something about an art supply store always makes my pulse raise in the best of ways.  Up top is a little something I drew up from Nili Lotan's Fall collection that I love- and more to come of course which I hope to share with all of you fine people.

I'll let you know how it goes- can't wait to get started on a little adventure in sketchland and beyond. Cause that's what's up this illustrative Tuesday in the very artistic 212. Yours, in rediscoveries and hard charcoal. XO