Maven trend watch: Five trends New York girls are rocking right now

Good afternoon Friday and TGIF. Oh my. What a week.

So thought it would be fun for you non New York and New York types alike to check out what I've been spotting on cool girls all over town. Some of these are not big news, but they're everywhere so wanted to share them with all of you. New York women have always had a uniform of basic black, but if you're gazing around town, you'll start to see some real must haves when it comes to style in the urban jungle. I'm not sure if these trends are the same where you are, but I can tell you first hand I'm seeing all of these absolutely everywhere in Manhattan and Brooklyn. So if you ever wanted to dress like a New York girl, have at it, cause here's what they're all wearing right this very minute (even though the weather is changing by the second)- with a suggestion for how to get the look for less:

A Gucci shoe. So yea, this one will cost you. But if you want to be truly up to the minute when it comes to that New York look, you have to cough up some cash and buy a pair of Gucci shoes. From the foldable Brixton loafer to an embellished mule to a towering inferno of platform double G'd goodness, we're all gaga for Gucci and I see no signs of that letting up.

Look for less: Steve Madden Kandi, $79.95 (Note- I don't like these. I can't help it. Save or splurge for the real thing. Some things you can cheat, some things you can't, but if you must, you must).

A track pant. I'm seeing all versions of the track pant everywhere right now- from the very long and slouchy version from the likes of Celine and Ann Taylor to any iteration you can imagine, athleisure is alive and well and most likely here for a hot minute. I love the look with a blazer and a skinny boot like at Rag and Bone, but also love the long version I mentioned with a simple sweater or even a dress.

Look for less: Ann Taylor Tux Stripe Track Pant, $89

A floral dress. And speaking of dresses, I'm seeing a ton of cute floral numbers, perhaps with a bit of vintage appeal and with some ruffle detail. Cool chicks around town are pairing these with a good sneaker- from Adidas Superstars to Vans to Common Projects. Add a slick of red lip and you're ready  to rock. Oh ps- the coolest girls are wearing these dresses at midlength. Not too short, not too long. I think it's just right don't you?

Look for less: H&M Floral dress, $79.99

A simple crossbody bag. New York girls carry their lives in their purses, and I'm seeing a lot of crossbody bags that help ease the load, even if it's a bit of a downsize from the huge bags we've seen of late. I love this classic from Celine (minimalist silhouettes seem to be in) but less spendy options come from Claire Vivier and many others.

Look for less: BP Foldover Crossbody bag, $39

A sassy bob.Having recently gone back to the bob myself, I'm loving all the versions of bobs bobbing around town. From the no fringe version that is slightly flippy and wavy to a more full bang, shorter blunt cut, this classic style is everywhere and switched up for the Instagram age. Love it always. Such a flattering look on so many. Also on the hair note- poker straight is way out. Textured hair continues to enjoy its moment. 

No cheap version of the bob by the way, cause most decent hair stylists will know how to give you a good chop.

I realize some of these street snaps may come from places other than my beloved city, but you get the idea. Just wanted to share with you some wonderful looks to get your New York on. Cause that's what's up this I love NY kind of Friday in the 212. Yours, in curating the streets so you don't have to. XO