Maven runway watch: Give it to me, Gucci.

Good almost afternoon, Thursday. I've definitely got fashion on the brain right now. Can't help it. Also not sure you want to read about my inner turmoil and midlife crisis. That's boring. So let's talk about GUCCI.

Ok so check it- I'm kind of Gucci'd out. Their domination in the luxe arena is nothing short of seismic. I admit I've swooned (and purchased) their shoes in the last few seasons and have really enjoyed them. But when every gal in your office is rocking a horsebit mule, one wonders- since when is luxury so, well, mass? Giving credit where credit is due to their newish designer for making us want all the things. 

And I tried to look with a discerning and jaded eye at the most recent runway show this week in Italy for Spring '18. I tried so hard to hate on it.  And I did hate some of it really.  I don't know many men who will wear a Bugs Bunny sweater with a short, but that's not here nor there. Because in these troubled, dark times, a collection that is a bit wacko and out there is just what the doctor ordered. Like a breath of fresh air in a sea of bad news. Plus, some of the pieces I'm just madly in love with- they speak to my off kilter side and even though I play it a bit safe when it comes to style these days, some of these looks are just the most. Very rock and roll- Jarvis Cocker meets Marianne Faithfull and everything in between. The vintage vibe is super dialed in.

The leopard coat look is giving me serious personal spirit animal vibes. The green jumpsuit. The chicness of the mens suits worn by women would be amazing. And that logo fanny pack is going to be all over New York City come Spring. I think fanny packs are back in a big way (they've been around for a minute but seeing new ways of rocking them- over the shoulder, etc. in street style snaps the past few weeks) and this one will be the one to have for sure. Remember I told ya.

But these clothes are surely over the top, not super wearable, and not practical. But damn if I don't love, love, love that about them. I'm ready to have some fun again aren't you? I appreciate the spirit of these clothes- the collection may be far from cohesive but that's ok- these here are chaotic times. Gucci- you made me love you. And I didn't wanna do it. It's true every girl in New York is rocking some version of the horsebit or double Gs- but I care not. There's truly something for everyone here- if you have the funds, that is. And if you don't, you know much of this will reach knock off city at a bit box near you probably sooner than you think

.So enjoy yourself a little Gucci Spring '18 moment. And here's hoping for happy days to be here again. Cause that's what's up this still a big fashion fan of a Thursday in the 212.  Yours, in leopard print and logos. XO