Maven recommends: An eyeliner for experts and novices alike

Good morning, Wednesday. Happy Hump Day. Snow on the way today and then 55 degrees tomorrow. Totally normal. NOT.

So this week I may seem makeup obsessed. Maybe I am. I always am actually. Now that I've taken over our second bedroom as my dressing room/closet/makeup station I feel like putting on my makeup is a bit meditative. I suggest creating a space for application if you can. It sure beats leaning over the sink in the bathroom. True I have no place for anyone to stay, but there's a price to pay for beauty. And that price is a spare room.

On that note, can I shout out how much I love Benefit products? I've always been a bit afraid of them because the packaging makes them feel VERY young and girly, but the products are absolutely amazing. I'm completely in love with this brow thingamajig. It defines and shapes and all the good things. 

But what I'm really gaga for right now is this roller eyeliner. I've been a liquid eyeliner gal for a while now, and I love this version which allows for precision and the now ubiquitous cat eye, which, for the life of me, I still can't figure out. Even after watching a million videos on YouTube. Am I right? It's so tough. In any event, I love this eyeliner and I got it in brown. I usually go for black eyeliner only but this brown is pretty deep and manages to look defined and natural all at once. Amazing. Someday I may even get that damn flick right. 

So if you need a little pick me up this chilly February day, get this. I'm obsessed.

Cause that's what's up the moment I wake up Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in before I put on my makeup and saying little prayers pour vous. XO