Maven recommends: ABC Carpet and Home for a divine retail experience you can't quit

Good morning, Wednesday. Getting over that hump yo.

So I'm freelancing in one of my favorite work neighborhoods, Park Avenue South. It's close to everything- Union Square in particular which is always easy peasy and nice for a lunchtime walkabout. Oh and one of my all time favorite stores is steps away from the office- ABC Carpet and Home. Sure I know most of you have been there, but that store is an epic and classic retail experience, and uniquely New York in many ways.They're recently closed their outlet in the Bronx, which just about sent me into a full panic attack. I found so many awesome pieces there back in the day. 

Think of walking into a perfect dollhouse of excess proportion, only to find bits and bobs of such high taste it's hard to fathom. This month's windows have my heart singing too. I love pink in the home- that dressing table set up? OMG. I am so in love. As ungirly as I am, I am so drawn to pink. And as a card carrying member of the aesthetically inclined, this store is the most wonderful fix for whatever may be ailing me.  And at Christmas? Forget about it.

ABC is a multifloored, majestic experience. On the ground floor, you've got exquisite and delicate jewelry, organic cosmetics, and all sorts of lovely objets- particularly keen on the display of tarot themed plates, fragrance, and of course, cards. There's also a section for Matta, a New York favorite for Indian silk pieces perfect for Summer coverups, as well as some incredibly conceptual pieces by Gary Graham. Also if you ever want to up your candle game, this store is it. If you're looking for a scent that smells like a Byzantine temple or say, Proust's Madeleine, you will surely find it.  

Of particular note are the stellar home fragrances from Mad et Len. Amazing.

On the second floor is an amazing selection of the most lovely clothing you have ever seen. From Nicholas K. drop crotch pants to vintage Indian dresses to delicate lingerie, it's just an OMG moment for anyone who appreciates a more whispery form of decadence. Also on that floor are some great artworks from Deepak Chopra and some other spiritual finds. Oh and it's not surprising that so much of the store is focused on spirituality- because browsing and shopping at ABC is like a religious experience, a mecca for fabulousness at all turns. 

On subsequent floors are amazing furniture items- from custom velvet covered sofas to midcentury table to Asian themed china cabinets to the most gorgeous bedding on Earth. It's all very over the top and obviously, obscenely expensive. But if you know you're not really in the market for a ten thousand dollar sofa, it's still a fabulous place to get inspired. And if you're aesthetically inclined, there is no more heavenly store. Not to mention the insane assortment of beautiful rugs across the street. It's such a major retail situation. And with retail taking a huge nosedive, I fear what will happen to this palace of gorgeous. But for now, I can put on my headphones, play something lush, and bask in the glow of some of the best designed products in the world.  And if you, like me, have eclectic tastes, you won't be disappointed.

I just love ABC- many of you have asked me to post some hidden gems that are favorites of mine in this city. ABC is far from hidden and is very much in plain sight. But it's a treasure trove and a New York institution and you can spend a whole afternoon enjoying it if you want to. With New York (and the world) changing every second, I love that I can always rely on ABC to delight, and show me so many new things I may not have known about, each piece unique. Highly recommend if you have never been or just haven't in a while. Cause that's what's up this now you know your ABC kind of Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in lovely things. Oh and of course check them out online here. But ain't nothing like the real thing, and that's the truth. XO