Maven recommends: A soundtrack to round out Summer

Good afternoon, Monday. Slow start today, kiddos. My brain is still at the beach. I forgot how much I love it there. I wonder why...hmmm..could it be the HAMPTONS and the parade of constant douchebags in Nantucket Reds swilling rose with the overly tanned ladies who love them? Yes. I think that's it. This past weekend found me back at the Jersey shore with my family- and I really do love it there. I'm thinking about next Summer already. I've had so much fun. I'm so grateful to rediscover my beachgoing roots. I've always loved the ocean and water in general and being by said water has a very good effect on me.  And it helps me remember why Summer can be so very lovely. Now that I'm back in Manhattan and it's hot as f it's hard to have love for a season that makes you feel like you're trapped in a fart. You know it's true, New York. You know it is.

And as Summer winds down and we all take our lost bows at the shore or at the grill or out in the backyard, I thought I'd help you decide what to listen to. I've been full tilt in a BBC Radio 6 rabbit hole since Scotland and this weekend they were celebrating the 50th anniversary of Trojan Records. If you are uninitiated, you must get involved.

Trojan is a label specializing in ska, rocksteady, reggae, and dub (thanks Wikipedia). They have many different collections to choose from, and I discovered them way back in the day one weekend in what was formerly known as Montauk, when things were still salty and awesome and chill. Some French stoner kids we were hanging with were listening to Trojan compilations all weekend, and I fell deeply in love with the classic sounds so perfectly suited to Summertime vibes. I urge you to go on a quest if you haven't already. Great stuff. Goes best with tan feet and kickback cocktails outside. An ocean view is bonus, ps. But if you can't have that, you can still very much enjoy channeling a classic Island vibe. And as a bit of a cultural side note, the label helped bring Jamaican music to England, and also helped ease some cultural tensions by having multiracial appeal. I'll raise a Red Stripe to that all day. Here's a link on Spotify to a nice little playlist of what's on tap at Trojan at 50. 

Cause that's what's up this rock steady of a Monday on the island of Manhattan. Yours, in great music and Summers done right. XO