Maven recommends: A Mother's Day Product Round Up

Good morning, Friday. TGIF, babes.

This week was fairly magical. I can feel momentum happening around my work and I'm thrilled with that. I loved getting another piece on the Ageist, even though one reader commented that Keanu can't be all that wonderful if he promotes violence through his films (I officially have a hater). Besides that, I was grateful for some time this week to walk around this beautiful, vibrant city.  I'm feeling a lot of creative energy with the new season (even though Spring is feeling less than Spring like) and look forward to new projects in a way I haven't before. Why? Because I'm focused on taking on work that satisfies me creatively, and that gives me hope. I'm just finishing up a project for a shoe line and have a few more things in the works, but I'm also focused on reinventing this here blog so look for that in the weeks to come. 

In other news, it's been a while since I've shouted out a product. I'll break you off a few things I've been hearting on lately ,and without further ado, and just in time for Mother's Day to boot.

First up, this toner from Strivectin is just fabulous. As many of you know, I write for Strivectin from time to time and am a big fan of their products. This is their first toner and it doesn't disappoint. I'm generally not a toner person until the warmer months, as they tend to dry out my skin. But this one has a silky texture that feels lovely on the face. It's not that astringent feel you're used to, but it's a nice step before serum and feels like a great way to activate your other products. I know that's not what toner really does, but it's a great one. Plus it provides radiance and glow. Two of my favorite things. Gorgeous. Get this. If you're more of an oily type, this may not be your jam. But if you tend to be more combo and on the dry side, this toner is great.  Shake well for maximum results.

Second, I am OBSESSED with this green eye goodness from Chanel. You all know Chanel makeup is my jam and this green combo is completely fantastic. I've shied away from green as I've gotten older because it feels like "too much", but I couldn't pass up this combo. The eyeliner is gorgeous, the green mascara is magical, and this quad is so pretty, but warning- you need to tread lightly as it's super pigmented. I personally love just doing the eyeliner and mascara for every day use, and use the eyeshadow for when I want to feel a bit more glam. It's just stunning. They also do a new grey, blue, and mauve. The grey is probably next on my list. Grey is good on my greenish eyes.

Also have you smelled Diptyque's new Eau de Minthé? I happened to walk by the store the other day and couldn't resist a sniff.  It's so lovely and fresh. Composed of fern, mint, patchouli, and geranium with a hint of rose. I love it. In fairness, it skews more masculine so lovely for the men folk.  It's fresh and clean, like I imagine Trevor Noah would smell. That's how a man should smell, ps. Now you know. Good for chicks, too. I'd so wear this with a pretty dress to take the girly edge off.

Oh and no pre-Summer product round up is complete without a self tanner. This one from Tarte came to me by chance and I'm so glad it did. It's a fabulous, streak proof self tanner that dries in a flash and lasts for days. Excellent.

Just a few picks pour tu this Friday am. Hope you have a glorious Mother's Day weekend. Khan and I will be holding it down in NYC while David is out of town. Cause that's what's up this product shout out of a Friday in the 718, Yours, in bits and bobs. XO