Maven recommends: A face wash that leaves no trace of makeup, and even less regrets

Good morning, Monday. It's a glorious day in New York City. 70 degrees and perfect. Loving it. This weekend was spent waist deep in boxes, with little breaks here and there to get some fresh air and soak in the city. When moving, I like to get a head start so I can have a more balanced and less frantic approach. Pack a few boxes, take a break. And repeat. PS Trump is talking about the glory of Springtime as he swears in Neil Gorsuch and pretends to be sincere. I shit you not. Ugh. But back to something more personal as it pertains to my move, and most importantly, my face.

Because  all of this hard work has me craving some easy routines when it comes to daily life. And I just have to shout out Trish McEvoy's amazing all in one cleanser/water called Long-Wear Face and Eye Makeup remover, that wipes off with cotton and takes it all off. And I do mean all. 

As a grown woman there are several non-negotiables in my life-  I must work with people I like, I must find time to exercise, and I must wash my face. Or I completely shut down. PS- often I work with not nice people and often I forget to exercise, but not wash my face at night? Nah, kid. Not gonna happen.

Washing my face makes me feel like a grown up. Like I'm no longer that girl that falls asleep in a full face of makeup, in a Jack and Coke stupor, in a slip dress and perhaps somewhere one did not intend to wake up. Like that's never happened to you.  And even though I somehow used to enjoy that next day makeup look (goes well with a hangover), I am not that woman anymore. I wake up every day in my own home (thank goodness), and I wash my damn face every night. And that's the truth. Waking up with a clean face makes me feel like I'm ok. It's that simple.  Washing my face every night makes me feel responsible, reasonable, and safe. Weird you say? Perhaps you did not go wilding quite as much as I did when I was a young one. It's the little things, really.

But truthfully, as time goes by, my skincare regime has become a bit of an epic. If, say, when I was young I could compare my skincare situation to literature, my book would have been a short little fairy tale. Now? More like the Iliad, the Odyssey, and Ulysses rolled into one. So I don't mind a hack when it comes to taking it all off, and this product is simply a miracle. I have loved on micellar water of late, but only as a first swipe at a full day's face of makeup, a prep for a deeper cleanse with something else. This product takes off everything and that's it. You can head straight to the rest of your regime after this, as you thank the Lord that you're not too wasted to wash your face, and you'll have no regrets tomorrow.

So if I can give you ladies a bit of simple advice- wash your face. Every night. Oh, and have no regrets. Even if you wake up in last night's slip dress somewhere unfamiliar, the least you can do is wash your face. I can't help with the rest. That just takes time. It will all be ok. I promise. Plus when you're young, last night's makeup is kind of chic. When you're a bit deeper into this thing called life, not so much.

Cause that's what's up this no regrets and well cleansed kind of Monday in the 718. Yours, in clean living in just one step. XO

Link to buy here. XO