Maven pick: Sunday Forever

Good morning, Thursday. I'm feeling fritzed and frazzled and am very much looking forward to a long, lazy weekend. And since Monday is a holiday, Sunday scaries will be on hiatus. Hooray.

On that note, I've always loved niche brands. Sunday Forever is one such brand- born to help cure the Sunday blues, but can be enjoyed on just about any day of the week. I just love the sentiment of channeling a lovely Sunday afternoon, ad infinitum. Kudos to Ashli Stockton for all of this goodness. I'm in love with the whole lot of it.  Back when I was a little girl in Philly, my best friends and I used to refer to Sunday night as "scary Sunday night"- when nothing good was on television and the sinking realization of a Monday math test would sink in. Yipes. I'm glad there's finally an SOS for said emotion. Save our Sundays. Yes. And yes.

From cute kimono robes to sweet candles to crystals, the brand boasts all the things you want for good vibes. And I love that there's a whole category to shop called "Nice Things".  Who doesn't love nice things? If you don't, buh-bye.

I also love their extra fluffy eye masks for Sunday napping, and my fav- this rose gold evil eye bracelet- a lovely token to take you into the week protected and pretty. Plus their blog is the destination for the perfect Sunday- from playlists to tips and beyond. It's so good. And so on trend for the latest craze of all things self-care.

Just wanted to share it with you we kick off the long weekend let's keep that happy Sunday vibe going all week long. Who's with me? Don't be sad Summer's over. Be happy you have Monday off. 

Cause that's what's up this almost weekend edition of a Thursday in the 212. Yours, in sacred spaces and Sunday fun days. XO