Maven pick: Pat McGrath makeup matters. A lot.

Good morning, Wednesday. It's feeling like Fall in the city now and this is good news.  For me, anyway. I love Fall. 

So you all know how much I love products. I'm a junkie. I'm obsessed. I'm an explorer of all things new I can put on my face, spray on my body, and put in my hair. And I have to say one of the most exciting product launches of recent memory is that of Pat McGrath makeup. From a branding perspective, it's so dialed in and incredible it makes my stomach hurt. In a good way. So much great thinking on the brand- sure the products themselves are amazing too. I need to try them. Pat McGrath matters. To me. A lot.

If you are not familiar with Pat McGrath, just look at any of Steven Meisel's amazing pictures from the 90s to whenever- you'll see Pat's makeup all over those pages- she and Garren for hair were the glam squad to end all glam squads and Pat's work for all the runways and editorials shot in those gorgeous years is beyond iconic.

And though I have yet to try any of her products in the line, I'm quite sure they're extraordinary. This is makeup for women who truly love makeup, who love to play and experiment, and who want to have fun with their face.

I just spent a half hour on her site, which is so fabulous and referential- it's instant inspiration.  As for the products, I love all the packaging- the lipstick with the little lips on it, the gorgeous eyeshadow palettes you desperately want to place on your bathroom sink or makeup table. Gorgeous. I know her launch was very much a limited edition type of affair, but now it seems there's a permanent collection just waiting to be enjoyed by makeup mavens like moi et tu. I mean that highlighter just above looks like makeup for a future in space. How can you not want that? 

So basically I want it all and want to play with all of it and pretend I'm Linda Evangelista in the 90s. That's it. End of story. As the SOUP Dragons famously told us back in the day (and the Stones before that) to not be afraid of our freedom, I would counter with a 2017 version, and that is, "don't be afraid of your makeup". You are indeed free, to do what you want, any old time.

Cause that's what's up this made up Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in product porn and supermodels. XO