Maven pick: A cleanser to soothe and groove this Summer

Good afternoon, Monday. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Glorious here on the East Coast. 

So it's been a minute since I've given a product shout out but shout out I must. Full disclosure: I am a very lazy face washer. That does not in any way mean I skip washing my face at night, very much on the contrary. But I don't like anything I can't wipe off with a cotton pad. I love all sorts of micellar waters and cleansing waters as I've mentioned here on this blog. But my new fav and great for Summertime refreshment has to be Rodial's Dragon's Blood Cleansing Water. The name may be dramatic, but the product is not. It's got rose in it to soothe, said dragon's blood from some exotic tree which protects against environmental aggressors, and Vitamin B3 for radiance and Hyaluronic Acid for plumping and youth giving. It's kind of a cleanser and then some situation. And it's so gentle- perfect for sensitive flowers like myself.

I love the fresh feel of this water and how it literally removes all manner of sludge from my face. Sludge I didn't even know I had. Like morning sludge. Who knew I was sleeping on so much schmutz? I use it day and night and it completely removes everything, including eye makeup. It feels lovely after you shower in the am and creates a nice base for any serum or moisturizer or primer.  And at night, it's a simple swipe and your makeup and day is gone just like that. More time to catch up on your favorite shows. Or snuggle with your dog. Or shop the insane amount of sales happening. I don't know. I like the idea of a skincare routine that is quick and easy but super effective. Add this cleanser to your roster and you won't be sorry. Oh yea, I know. The price tag for some water seems cray cray. But you'd spend this on a good cleanser, so why not spend it on its watery counterpart? Bonus points for the dispenser- just prop a cotton round on the top of the bottle and press for ultimate saturation.

Cause that's what's up this fire breathing, gentle dragon of a cleanser of a Monday. Yours, in product lovin' and Summer dreamin'. XO