Maven pick: A bit of rose gold is good for the (athleisure) soul

Good afternoon, Tuesday. Just here listening to my Hotel Costes playlist and trying to power through, imagining I'm in that beautiful bar with those gorgeous smelling candles and all of those gorgeous people drinking something equally, well, you know. But alas, I'm not. I'm on Times Square with a bunch of dirty mascots and big box retail. Oh well.

So here's something. 

I just wanted to share this surely polarizing little workout jacket from cute and comfy line Lou & Grey.  Many of you will most likely hate it. But I dig it. Metallics scare some people- this much I know. But I'm a big fan of them and whenever I fear slightly fearful of making a bold statement, I reassure myself that most things can be wearable if you just think of them in a neutral way. Case in point- this jacket is a nice little throw on for Fall.  And having just seen it in person at Loft, I think it's super duper cute. I love the idea of throwing it on over yoga pants for a bit of Missy Elliott vibes but how I would really love to see it is with a wide leg trouser and some heels or a full accordion pleated skirt and some sneakers if you're that kind of girl (I love that look). Don't be afraid of your freedom, and don't be afraid of metallics.  They brighten up the darkest of days, and have mad glam appeal. We all know athleisure is giving us all life right now- so get to it. But be bold about it, won't you? Life is short. Plus rose gold can always remind you of rose- as in the drink varietal we guzzled all Summer. Keep the dream alive.

And clocking in at just under 100 bucks, it's a great way to wear something trend focused without breaking the old bank. My love for rose gold knows no bounds ps- I am a huge fan of the hue and think it's a great way to retool a metallic moment.

Just a cute little look for you this Tuesday. You're welcome. Caus that's what's up this shiny, bright Tuesday in the sparkly 212. Yours, in rosy gold and Fall fashion. XO