Making memories (in Ventnor and Margate)

Good afternoon, kiddos. it's Monday and it's definitely, well, Monday.

This weekend I found myself at the Jersey shore as you know. I haven't spent much time there since I've lived in New York, but it was surprisingly delightful.

As a bit of personal beach history, I have always, always loved Montauk, or at least since I moved to New York. It's a place that is special and dear to my heart, where there's an energy that feels in tune with mine. Or I should say felt in tune with mine. Because now it's been taken over by douchebags in sea planes and Vilbrequin bathing suits and Instagram celebs and I can't deal. What's very funny to me about the Hamptons is how everyone talks about how happy they are to be out of the city- yet the whole city is right there with them- from everyone they know to Soul Cycle and back again. It's like same/same, just by the sea. Also the traffic to get out there is completely demoralizing, and the price of admission is not even for the 1%, it's for a microcosm of society that thinks it's perfectly cool to drop about 800 bucks a night to drink some rose and pose with a real housewife. No. Thank. You.

I'm so sad about it truly but what can I do? have to move on.

So off we went to the Jersey shore- particularly the South Jersey shore, which is where Philadelphia people go to the beach.  And in particular, the whole Margate/Ventor area, which is next to Atlantic City and full of more Jews than Israel. Well not quite, but you get my drift. This is a very Jewish beach area and has always been that way. And though I am as self loathing as the rest of you MOTs out there, I swear it felt absolutely divine to be amongst my people. Hilarious in every way. And most of all, extremely comforting. I'm not sure why hairy chested men in Stars of David make me feel comfortable, but they do. Not to mention all the yentas doing their beach walks in visors and clutch bags. Amazing. 

And the beach itself is super easy and accessible as well as beautiful. I am a true water sign and if I don't see beach for months on end, I get a real case of the blues. I love to smell and see the ocean, and the water was lovely, if not a bit too seaweed strewn. The inside of my bathing suit looked a bit like an underwater science experiment.

But the real highlight of my weekend besides the overly tanned Jews and the beach time was my visit to a true South Jersey beach staple-Memories in Margate.

If you are not familiar, psssh. This is a place that is legendary amongst Philly folk. You may even cringe about it, but you kind of have to love it. It's owned by Jerry Blavat, a 78 year old DJ with questionable ties to certain, ahem, types. Anyway, Blavat (also known as the Geator don't ask me why) spins oldies- from motown to disco to a crowd that is truly an anomaly. I saw 21 year olds (and probably younger) dancing side by side with 65-70 year olds and everything in between and above. It is a beach institution and it is more fun that I can possibly explain on this here blog.  It is packed with people all weekend and besides dancing and almost peeing your pants from the hilarity of it all is watching people come in the front door- because they all come in dancing from the second they come in. It's amazing. Truly. And Jerry's commentary during his set is worth the ten dollar cover.  My parents used to go and my sister used to do when she was underaged, and now we were all there together and it was so much fun. It's the kind of spot where you order a 7 & 7 and just dance your silly butt off to songs like "Runaround Sue" and "Night Fever" and "Le Freak".  Think grown up bar mitzvah (where one parent is Jewish and one parent is Italian).

For me, it was so nice to experience a whole different vibe, yet one that felt so very familiar. it was like coming home. And needless to say, I'll be back to see Lucy the Elephant and all of my tribe. Seriously considering a rental next Summer because f the Hamptons. I do love it there, but to me, it's all about easy, clean beaches and kick back sandy fun. And nothing beats a good beach walk with my sis. More please.

Cause that's what's up this oldie but a goodie kind of Monday in the 212. Yours, in motown, disco, and hot fun in the Summertime. XO