Makeup free(lance) life

Good morning, Wednesday. It's a beautiful day here in Brooklyn and I'm working from a sweet little cafe because my apartment, though lovely, is filled with the dulcet sounds of construction and my whole living room is shaking. I'm becoming one of those OG New Yorkers who complains about noise and construction. And I'm ok with that.

So one other thing- all my clothes and cosmetics have yet to be unpacked as I'm turning our second bedroom into a little closet for me.  I don't have space for my clothes and extensive perfume collection and whoknowswhatelse so I must. Don't judge.

Because of this, I've become a bit lax when it comes to getting dressed in the am. I'm working from home a lot these days so no need to impress the kids in the cubicles. I literally wear the same thing every day- a rock tee, some leggings from Splendid, and one of two blazers that I switch out depending on my mood and if I need to run an errand. Other than that, I'm sort of always dressed for the gym. And the other big revelation? A complete and blatant non attempt when it comes to makeup. As in, I don't wear any. This is super weird for me but since I'm not sure where everything is, I just go without it. And it's been liberating. Frightening, but liberating. I can't help but examine the roadmap that is my face and wonder if it's time for a tune up of some kind of the injectable variety but my chronic needle phobia will not allow such indulgences. But truly, I'm feeling free from the chains of workwear and foundation. It's just where I am right now. And since I've been working with a lot of old pals of late, they're cool with seeing me sans maquillage.  Plus I got a keratin treatment and now i don't even need to dry my hair, though unfortunately I still need to wash it. Ha. That's me up there, ubiquitous tee shirt, and recently found necklace I thought I lost in the move (score). But yea, no makeup. At all. Bare as the day I was born. This may not be a big deal for many of you, but it's new for me. I was raised by someone who told me I always had to be done up, so perhaps this is a late in life rebellions moment. Or maybe I'm just being lazy. Who knows how long I'll keep this up but nice for the moment.

For those of you freelance or entrepreneurial types out there, you know this life. It has its lovely moments and takes the stress of workwear completely away. As for the makeup, I dug through some boxes today and found my tinted moisturizer. I'm meeting a few friends at a workspace today so you know- a little effort. But not much.

Wondering if any of you out there dare to go bare on the regs- I'm no Alicia Keys but man, it feels good. Cause that's what's up this minimal effort of a Wednesday in Williamsburg. Yours, in trying hard not to try so hard. XO