Make some space for Eileen Fisher. (Yea, you read that right).

Good morning, Tuesday. Hope you had a lovely weekend. It was nice to just hang, do some window shopping, and visit family. I had big hopes of going to the movies but never quite made it.

Instead, I went to the gym yesterday and got my mani/pedi on. ON the way back, I spotted a new store in my neighborhood that piqued my curiosity. It's a new concept from Eileen Fisher called Making Space, and it's all about beautiful fabrics and the art of creation/community- they're offering classes in things like knitting and hope to encourage workshops and neighborhood events. Now let me be clear- my relationship with Eileen Fisher is complicated. Just imagining wearing most of her clothes gives me a midlife crisis.  

I have always felt entirely too rock and roll/edgy to even think about a wardrobe of well matched separates. I know it's ridiculous but I always have associated her designs with a more mature person. And now that I'm kinda that person, I must admit I'm coming around. The last few years had me buying a few pairs of her pants- the crepe ones that are trouser like but super comfortable. What I have come to love about these looks is they represent that kind of moment when Donna first started doing DKNY- cool pieces with a creative appeal that absolutely would never wear you, you'd simply shine wearing them. That's the goal, isn't it?  

And the opening of this store has opened my eyes. Because these are clothes meant to be worn over and over again. Timeless, effortless, soft. I love the fabrics they use- everything is comfy and soft and like wearing pajamas. I can see anyone from a kindergarten teacher to a mom to a woman in pursuit of her first big job looking great in a lot of these looks. I tried on a few pieces and fell in love with everything. And because I wondered if, as my husband has noted, I was "getting caught up" with the shine of something new, I walked out of the store without anything. But I will be back. Because everything there was worth a second look- menopausal or not. Truly ageless pieces for women comfortable in their own skin. And I love the notion of making space- whether it's for a new wardrobe, new projects, or new experiences. It's never too late to make space. And at 68 years old, Eileen Fisher is doing just that (applause).

I also loved the dignified sizing- everything is S,M,L,XL (from what I could tell) and nothing is meant to be skintight, which I love. Everything flows and all the looks could flatter a majority of body types. And having seen these clothes firsthand, they actually look better than they do in the pictures here. Some of my favorite pieces below:

The fuzzy cardigan- Love this cardigan because it's cotton so has that fuzzy jumper look without any of the itch. The color is perfect for Fall and I love it with everything from jeans to a slipdress. Endlessly wearable. 

The slip dress- Love a slip dress. Always have. Always will. Nothing better for an effortless, sexy appeal. Layer with everything from a turtleneck to a denim jacket to a cardigan and you're always in business. This one is in tencel and is so lovely without being overly clingy. 

The jumpsuit- A fully washable jumpsuit in stretch crepe feels just right. Love the wrap effect and the color is super good. Dress it up with heels or down with booties.

The wool pant- A lightweight boiled wool pant is a great cold weather staple. This pair in person reminds me so much of something Rei Kawakubo might wear or make, so it's not surprising this fabric was sourced in Japan. Sold.

The denim apron dress- This dress is just so cute and is a nice little transitional piece for Fall. Love the dark denim/selvedge feel- super cute with a tee as shown or with tights and a tank. Great little throw on piece. Bonus points for gals who rock it with a stovepipe, cropped trouser and sneakers for a bit of a nod to the 90s.

Oh and bonus points for this patent oxford with a wedge- great with the aforementioned wool trousers and a crisp, white shirt and a slick of red lipstick. Perfection. 

So yea, I can't believe I'm pushing Eileen Fisher, but I'm also pushing a new decade in a few years so there. I'm sure to buy a few pieces from this lovely retail experiment. Needless to say, everyone working there was friendly and eager to help in a non-pushy way. Cause that's what mature women do.

And that's what's up this taking another look kind of Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in making space for some new pieces. XO