Loving the boob tube: Celebrating women on television

Good morning, Tuesday. Happy hmm- second day of the work week? I dunno. I'm busy as shit this week. I got nothing in the way of salutations.

So this weekend I watched "Wine Country", Amy Poehler's much anticipated buddy flick where she and a cast of SNL alums go on a scripted trip for their pal's 50th birthday (bday gal is Rachel Dratch).

There's plenty of laughs and lots of questions. Like what is the point of Tina Fey's weird butch character? Is she there as some sort of log splitting spirit guide? I don't get it. She's never not funny. Except in this role.  Wh'appen?

And the premise itself is a bit on the thin side. A group of friends who waited tables at a Chicago pizza joint and still remained besties? Hmm. Maybe. But not probably.

But for those seeking some sort of truth about a 50th birthday party with some of the funniest women in the world should not turn away from this good but not great film. Maya Rudolph is always on point, and Paula Pelle is wonderful. There's some truly funny moments as expected from a great cast. And something I really loved about it all is that every woman featured looked their age in the best of ways. No skeletons. No overdone fillers. Just women being real. I love that. Thank goodness.

And here's what else. Though some complained about the lack of arc and resolution, I beg to differ. Because the truth is, when one approaches 50, it's not really about coming to big revelations or conclusions. You probably have a pretty good idea of who you are, and you most likely are not going to use a weekend in Napa to figure it all out. Know why? Cause you just want to get drunk and sing songs with your friends. As it should be. And that's just what they did. And it was lovely.

In other news, I just caught up on the game of the thrones. Oh my sweet Lord.  At one point, I had my cardigan over my head while I held my ears. The sights and sounds were simply too much for me- a repulsive amount of violence. Crazy dragon lady even had me feeling bad for Circe. The nonstop violence was too much to bear. I couldn't handle it. If given a choice, I think I'd rather be sipping pinot grig with Maya and company. Screw the Iron Throne. That's not my kind of leaning in. At all.

And lastly in other TV news, if you have not yet watched Shtisel on Netflix, it's a shanda, or scandal in Yiddish. How a show about Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem could be so bingeworthy is truly G-d's plan. And is it wrong I find the lead, Akiva, completely gorgeous, payes and all? I love the women on the show too- one who does what it takes to take care of her family after her husband bails, and another a beautiful widow whose lust for Akiva is forbidden. Great show- incidentally all in Hebrew and Yiddish with subtitles. 

I guess my point is let's hear it for the ladies of TV land, and showing ladies past a traditional prime. Though many complain of shite roles for women in Hollywood, maybe the smaller screen is the place to be. From midlife chick flicks to mad queens to women rebelling against very traditional roles, it's happening. (I caveat that GOTS does not treat women well on the show in many instances. In fact, it is often shockingly offensive- now that we have so many strong women onscreen let's get more in the writer's room, ok?

Anyway, I'm on assignment this week and not coming up for air much so writing this early in the am to keep it all keeping on. Cause that's what's up this boob tube of a Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in ladies first. XO