Leopard is my favorite color

Good morning, Thursday. It's just gorgeous outside and New York is alive with Springtime vibes. Today I'm wearing a leopard dress I got at Zara, no tights required, and an absolute STEAL. Yes. But I digress.

The reason I bring up leopard is that a writer on Garance Dore the other day was posting about the new Clare Vivier collab with Toms, resulting in a leopard print espadrille. She started the piece by saying something along the lines of "let's face it- it's hard to make leopard print cool".  UM. WHAT?????

Clearly this poor little child has no idea what's cool. As in zero clue. Because there's nothing much cooler than a leopard print, and you can put that on my gravestone.  In my little style neck of the woods, leopard is almost a neutral and a ubiquitous part of my wardrobe year after year.  Also thumb through any comprehensive fashion iconography treatise, and there you will find the following- Ann Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson. Kate Moss (who incidentally is the queen of leopard print- she wears it on the regs and does it so well). Jackie O. Must I go on? 

I have always loved leopard because it's instantly chic and cool. From a leopard coat to that Ganni button up dress I've been craving since I first saw it, leopard is quite simply, the shit. I also love a leopard accessory, particularly a scarf. It's a beautiful way to elevate basic black. I have no idea who this writer is and now I can't seem to find the piece she wrote, but man is she wrong. Perhaps they deleted it in shame.

So today in honor of one of my favorite animal prints, here are five leopard pieces I love and live for and are cooler than just about everything. Also- THAT GANNI DRESS BELOW. I NEED YOU.

This leopard print bathing suit is genius.  Love a one piece you can throw a little skirt over and off you go. Instant chic.

This blouse by Nili Lotan  is so boho chic and perfect for Summer. Love it with jean shorts and a flat sandal, and of course, tan legs. Ooh and check it with leather pants- so sexy.

In a completely aspirational sense, this over the top Gucci bag is magical- ladylike and leopard go well together.

Also, a Golden Goose leopard sneaker is super cute with rolled up white jeans in the Summer time. Love these. 

And of course, my beloved Ganni dress I can't stop talking about. Just love this piece so much as a dress, over jeans with a tank, so versatile and cool. One of my favorite new brands too. Such cute stuff. 

So listen up, ladies. There is nothing uncool about leopard. Period. Full stop. Case closed.

Cause that's what's up this leopard rules my world kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in animal instincts.  XO

UPDATE: Here's the piece i was referencing.