Keanu Reeves. He's one of ours.

Good morning, Monday. It's a gloomy, sleepy Monday in New York which I always find seductive in some kind of way. The slowness of it all. It's lovely truly. Lazing into the work week and such.

So this weekend I peeped the new cover of GQ, with none other than Keanu Reeves on the cover. With amazing photos shot by Daniel Jackson, the twitterverse was aflutter as a collective "damn Felicia" was uttered in regards to just how cool and incredibly hot Keanu looks. And as one friend posted this am- "one word: 54". He's one of us. And by us, I mean a Gen Xer. By the skin of his teeth mind you (Gen X birth years start in 1965 but I'll let it slide), but one of us nonetheless.

Keanu is 5 to the fucking 4. Can you believe that? What is it about Keanu that has endless appeal? Is it that he seems just kind of regular in the best of ways? Is it that he keeps on getting better? Full disclosure- I've never been the biggest fan of his acting, though I recently rewatched "My Own Private Idaho" and he was magnificent and dark in that one.

I love that he's on the cover of GQ. I love how transcendentally rad he looks. And I love that everyone's loving him. Love to love you, Keanu. Thanks for keeping it real. You "over the hill assassin" you. His words, not mine.

You be the judge, but he's a dream. I love the opening line of the piece, ps:

"Here, before you're quite ready for him, is Keanu Reeves: At the top of the driveway of the Chateau Marmont, smoking a cigarette on a low couch, like he's on his front porch".

Who's cooler? Who would you rather stay up late drinking and listening to vinyl with? Not many people. Not many people.

And like the piece says:

"Every generation gets its own Keanu Reeves, except every generation's Keanu Reeves is this Keanu Reeves".

Keanu Reeves- the best example of a transcendent hero for all the ages. What could be better?

Cause that's what's up this long live Keanu of a Monday in the 212. Yours, in excellent midlife adventures. XO