It's Friday, I'm in Love: My top five picks this week

Good morning and happy happy Friday to all. I've got my hands in many pots this week but enjoying the journey of getting back to it. I admit it's not easy but I woke up this morning feeling energized after my workout and looking forward to some fun new projects. And with the weekend on the horizon, I'm psyched to catch up on some must see movies (The Favourite, Vice, etc.) and hang.

Anyhoo, here's five things I'm super digging on this week. Have a look and happy weekend:

Gucci Westman foundation stick.  Loving this stick from famous makeup artist Gucci Westman. I was a stick skeptic until I tried this one, and though she makes a very expensive foundation brush, you really can apply directly onto skin and blend with your fingers- I found that application better than my Sephora foundation brush. Love how natural this formula is- not a ton of coverage but a beautiful and sheer finish for those who love that no makeup/makeup vibe. Have I told you about this one before ps? I can't recall. Well it's that good so worth shouting out again if so. Buildable coverage and no yucky ingredients. All good.

Paraboots. OMG. A very chic French woman I follow had a pair of these on in a recent Instagram post and I fell back in love with these. I had a pair in high school if you can believe that- so ahead of my time. Ha. Loving these practical shoes that have been around for over 100 years- very chic with cropped trousers or with a skirt or dress. So chic.

The Real Real. Oy vey. The Real Real. Where have I been when it comes to this amazing site full of gently used luxury goods? Amazing deals on all your favorite designers. So good. Currently eyeing up a Proenza Schouler bag. Back in love with that brand big time. Need to visit their brick and mortar in Soho. Or do I?

Christophe Robin moisturizing hair creme. I love CR products so much. They are excellent all around but currently loving this sandalwood infused hair creme that's a leave on conditioner. Makes your hair super soft and manageable- bonus points if you use after the lemon mask to get rid of any product build up and leaves you hair super clean and healthy but not too fluffy.

Meg trousers. I'm a dress girl. We know this. Lately I'm loving pants too. And these pleathery pants are all that. And they're on sale. They're part jogger/part trouser/all amazingly chic and comfortable. Love them. Wear with everything you own. Lovely lines and super easy peasy. They're out of stock online but available in store. Ooh and they're warm too.

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend. Cause that's what's up this five alive kind of Friday in the 718. Yours, in favorite things. XO