It's Fashion Week, folks (and nobody cares)

Good morning, Thursday. If you're seeing a few extra leggy types roaming around the city this week, it's because of Fashion Week. It's barely a blip ps- go to's front page and there's barely a mention of it. As a lifelong dedicated follower, there's part of me that mourns the thrill being gone. And on Business of Fashion's homepage, there's a big article about how American fashion needs a big time rethink. Because it's no longer valid in its current state. Have a look, it's worth the read, as is this piece in unlikely fashion watcher Vox.  

But yesterday Tom Ford was showing back in New York and the show was so quietly beautiful and classic it made me remember what I love most about American style. The sense of the casual coupled with the strong. The sexy ease of it all. The coolness.

Was this collection a revelation when it comes to showing something new? Not in the least. But Tom, like many, are going back to what made them great in the first place- perhaps a bit of a yearning for what was but also the lack of ability to interpret something completely new in such anxiety producing times. I absolutely adored everything on this runway, and to me, these are clothes that will actually sell in stores. The tailoring, the color combinations, the quiet boldness. Did it take direct cues from his now iconic Gucci collections of the 90s? For certain. But those were some of my favorite clothes of all time. Unforgettable.

This fashion week may not make an impact as American fashion works to redefine its place in the industry, but this was a really beautiful collection that is a nice reminder of what makes Ford great in the first place. More please.

Cause that's what's up this still freaky for fashion kind of Thursday in the 718. Yours, in American style. I still care, ps. XO