Is it ever as good as the first time? (Hint: fashion's banking on it)

Good morning, Monday. I'm working on a new writing project right now which should be really fun and I'm happy to be working through the holidays. For some reason, I love working through Christmas because it's a nice way to end the year. And as some of you know, I'm off to Israel on Christmas Day with my husband and his family. Looking forward to that.

Anyhoo, nostalgia much? I'm not sure what's happening in fashion (besides some bonafide desperation), but feels like we only go backwards now. Case in point- the Marc Jacobs redux of his now infamous grunge collection for Perry Ellis back in 1992 (still at the top of the post is from the original collection). We all know this collection was a precedent setting, groundbreaker fo the designer, but to re-release it feels a bit- hmm. Not sure. Although I am fully onboard for that Doc Martens collab he's doing. Must haves. But seeing that baby cardigan and slip dress combo made me feel stuff. Good stuff, but not sure I can wear it again stuff. I do have a bit of a rule that if I was old enough to rock the trend the first time, I may not go there again. 90s minimalism is of course exempt from this rule- because it's classic and always works. But everything else? Ya. Pretty much. And just so you know- I didn't wear Docs AT ALL growing up- even though I was a moody, suburban art school chick with an asymmetrical bob back in the day. Link to a great article from the CUT here as well as a link to shop. 

Husband, if you're reading- those Docs for the holidays would make a great gift for your former art school wifey. ;)

Then last night I caught some pre-Fall Versace. And guess what? Not only is the eponymous safety dress back, but so is the infamous J. Lo plunge neck, worn by Amber Valletta back in the day (the year 2000 to be exact) on the original runway, and now, yet again on the most recent turn. You better work. She's major. And breaks all my rules. Love the new print,  I must admit.

But does this nostalgia feel like an homage of sorts or is it just lazy, repurposing? And is it chicer to rock the original, now vintage version or procure the new iteration? I don't know the answer but look for brands to continue to re-release the classics- Gap- if you're listening- you would be SMART AS F to redo the khaki spot that made you famous and redo the khaki for a new generation. My two cents. I guess there's a market for everything old being new again. I'm just not sure if it simply is not for me because it makes me feel ancient or whether I find it annoyingly derivative. Does teen spirit smell great the second time? I dunno. You tell me. I have a feeling this is going to be a big trend considering the very precarious times in which we're living- does doom and gloom and despair lead to nostalgic impulses? Yup. Think so. Let the good times roll.

Cause that's what's up this here we are now, entertain us kind of Monday in New Jersey (don't ask). Yours, in second time around. XO