Inspiration is everywhere (but mostly in the UK)

Good afternoon, Wednesday. What a week. Not my favorite of all time and most likely not yours. So much pain in the world right now- wish I could take it all away.

But somehow I still find a minute or hour a day to seek inspiration because it, much like this blog, is not unlike therapy. I've been thinking a ton lately about the notion of curation- sure it's a word that's well played out but it's one I'm tossing around in my brain on a daily basis because it's truly what I do. Even here on this blog- I try and bring you the best of what's out there or at the very least, what's inspiring me and making me want to share. Curators are often collectors, and for me, I collect visuals. Much of it photography that gets etched on my brain and forms influence on what I dig on and lean toward throughout my life.

Case in point- British culture. I have always, always been a rabid Anglophile and that's the truth. I love the English sensibility- from music to fashion to that infamous wit. So when I saw this fabulous Burberry story shot by the young photographer Ash Kingston for the launch of their car coat (more of a loosey goosey version of their classic belted trench), I felt my senses heighten in the best of ways.

First- I love this coat and want one immediately. Second- I love this photographer and am obsessed with his eye for culture and will now follow his every move because I get obsessed. Third- I love how this photography is a perfect counterpoint to a few things trending of late- the bright, shiny objectified, technicolor photography of Gucci to the now waning California sun flare lifestyle thing. This is British lifestyle at its best- a bit dark and moody, a lot cool, and of course, super stylish.  Thank you, sir. May I have another?

I love Burberry's site by the way- although the brand has struggled of late I think they're on the rebound now and they are truly a British classic so you can't go wrong. But truly, enjoy these fabulous images that give you a little glimpse into what I love most- English style stripped a bit bare to expose its raw and tough cool. I think they're fantastic. You may look at these photos of seemingly plain looking people in plain looking clothes but I see something there- and hoping you do too. Cause that's why I'm here and such. 

Cause that's what's up this well curated Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in staying in the trenches and remaining inspired. XO