Where my girls at?

Good afternoon, Friday. This sore throat is so annoying. And now I have no voice. I feel like I used to find that hoarse voice kind of hot but not so much now. I sound like Harvey Fierstein dressed in drag as Demi Moore. No good.

Besides my icky throat, today is International Women's Day, and I'm humbled by those fighting the good fight and blazing the good trail. Seriously. I am. Lately I've been writing quite a bit about women's health and sexual health and love that that space is becoming much more conversational than taboo. We need to keep talking about the formerly off limits stuff- that's what women are all about- being pioneers and not being afraid to challenge the norm.

Which brings me to a point I need to make. 

It doesn't matter if you think Kylie Jenner deserves the title of "self-made" or not.  It doesn't matter if you find AOC annoying and juvenile in her approach to power. Because what matters most is that all of these women are being given a seat at the table. That Kylie is taking over for Zuckerberg is incredible. That Ocasio-Cortez is so much more than a beautiful face and is taking stodgy white man Washington by storm. That women can have babies as long as they can have babies. I love all of this and revel in all of it. Whether we want to judge or not, today is a day to celebrate women. Period. Full stop. You don't have to love all women. But we have to continue to lift each other up and celebrate our successes together. I truly believe that. 

I believe in women. I am proud to be one. And today, I celebrate my good fortune to have some pretty kick ass women in my life. From my family to my friends to all the amazing mentors I've had throughout the years- thanks and love and praises to you all. I'm drawn to strong women. I'm drawn to wacky women. I'm drawn to women who don't pretend to be anything that they're not.  That doesn't make me a man hater. That doesn't make me blind. That doesn't make me want to burn my bra (though I'd like to do that for other reasons but that's not here nor there).It just makes me want to say a big thank you to all of the ladies, today and every day. Big ups to y'all. Keep fighting and throwing your hat in the ring and up in the air. 

Let's celebrate how far we have come and how much more we still can do. Cause that's what's up this ladies first kind of Friday in the 212. Yours, in sisters doin' it for themselves. XO