Found my first covet for Fall

Good morning, Wednesday. 90 degrees on the docket today yet again and all I want is Fall, Fall, Fall.

And though I'm not near purchase for anything cool weather inspired, I did spy this coat with my little fashion eye and damn. I want it. I want it bad.

I've got a crush on this coat in the biggest way. I love a coat that you can layer- I'm a big fan of a leather layer under a coat like a favorite moto or even a denim jacket with the collar popped. Plus those boots don't suck. Of this I'm sure. They're from Spain. I've already inquired. The girls at Meg just really get me sometimes, and this coat is so so fabulous and available for pre-order. I love it with jeans and boots and I love it with bare legs and heels- it's so very wearable in the best of ways- so practical and cozy and altogether put together cool. I do believe it's a must have, even though I'd have to do an itch check just to make sure it's wearable for me- I don't get along with certain woolens. Now if only I could stop sweating...

Cause that's what's up this Wednesday I've got Fall on my mind, in the summertime. Yours, in wrapping up Summer. XO