Finding my place in a new space

Good almost afternoon, Monday. This weekend was a hectic one- we started packing and got through our front room and then decided it was entirely too nice out to be surrounded by cardboard vapors all day. One room at a time. Must be out by May 1st. NBD. Ugh.

So I've always had this wonderful apartment juju. I know it's one of the hardest things to deal with, particularly in New York City. But David and I have always managed to land some lovely homes, and I'm particularly chuffed about this new one. It's two blocks from my current pad so I'm thrilled I get to stay in my favorite neighborhood in New York, Cobble Hill. The apartment is a lovely one- a two bedroom in a brownstone with a front stoop and everything. For some reason, I've wanted a proper stoop for the longest, and hopefully you'll come join me for a glass of rose stoopside this Summer. Khan will be there to make sure we don't get too tipsy.

And I had my lovely friend Katie over yesterday to talk about a a fun collab we're doing (more on that tomorrow- so excited to share) and view the new place. I got the keys this weekend so was happy to give her the grand tour.  And I was so grateful for her feedback and support. The new place has a clear and beautiful and peaceful energy- it's just a lovely spot with gobs of charm and I've decided to take advantage of the beautiful wood floors and go French minimal in a way in terms of decor. That means clean lines and not too much junk, but still somehow warm and inviting. And romantic. I love the idea of a romantic space.

On that note, I was giving my friend the tour and showing her the second bedroom, which I somehow planned to turn into an actual bedroom for guests. But then she schooled me in the best of way and wondered why I would not use this space as a closet/makeup room/inspiration room. Um yea. Way better idea. It's not like I have a kid that comes home from college, and my in laws come once a year. I can still put some kind of fold out bed in there but truly- I have always dreamt of a space where I could admire and enjoy all my lovely things, as well as put my makeup on with actual natural light. I've lived in a cave dwelling for the past five years, and it's time for me to literally come into the light. Plus I work from home as much as I can and how lovely to have a space where I can hang and write and hopefully, create more and more?  And if you're wondering if David was onboard, he was. Because he loves me and he knows I need my space. All girls do, really.

Here's a couple of photos that speak to what I want to do and inspired me to the utmost degree- love the idea of an exposed closet to showcase some favorite frocks as well as my shoe collection. I've got a brilliant little CB2 lucite desk and chair I will turn into a makeup table, and for sure there will be some furry (faux) items in that little den- I'm not a girly girl but I can be persuaded to embrace my more feminine side when it comes to a pretty space to get ready and ideate and relax. I'll let David hang in there too if he wants, and Khan will surely be around to provide style advice as well. I'm excited. Very excited.

So watch this space this week (hopefully tomorrow) to announce a fun little thing Katie and I are doing in a few weeks- hint- it involves shopping, drinking, and more shopping. What could be better than that?

Cause that's what's up this new moon of a Monday in the 212. Yours, in staging my next chapter, and moving forward. XO