Fear and loathing in America, now with a side of euphoria.

Good morning, Tuesday. It's a gloomy day and probably the last of any semblance of warmth. Rest of the week looks brutal. It is winter after all...happy to be nesting.

And even though we're all hibernating, you've no doubt noticed of late that less people are drinking. It's pretty crazy considering the state of things, but it's true. I'm not sure if it's the millennials who are keeping it sober are supporting this trend but many of my non-millennial pals are tee totaling as well. Even I find myself succumbing to alcohol on rare occasions, or when I'm seated next to someone fun at a dinner party who keeps refilling my glass. Otherwise, i've left alcohol in the dust. Admittedly, watching the news these days makes me want to chloroform myself. But I digress. Because lots of us are just not drinking much.

According to CNBC consumption of beer, wine, and alcohol is down for the third year in a row in America. But that doesn't mean people won't seek other ways to alter their states, and I'm beginning to see a lot more stuff in the mindful space. And of course, the buzz around legalized Mary J is legitimizing pot use in a way. I don't know if new audiences are really going full tilt into weed world, but I do know a lot of people who already partake are feeling empowered and are far more casual about their usage than ever before. And CBD oil is everywhere and is being used for everything from anxiety to major pain- they're selling a salve at my barre studio that hardcore workout folks are swearing by for aches, pains, and soreness. 

Maybe it's that weed and drugs like Ahayuasca have perceived health benefits. Pot can help with pain and pms for instance, while a good Ahayuasca trip is said to open the mind and clear out past trauma and help with addiction issues.  If you're not familiar, Ahayuasca is a spiritual brew that is has high hallucinogenic properties. It's a traditional ceremonial tonic used by indigenous people in the Amazon. And it's now at a yoga studio near you- hush hush of course, but you can still go on a vision quest in Tribeca, dressed in all white, if you so choose.  Or of course you can go down to Kentucky, the setting for my new favorite show from Vice, "Kentucky Ahayuasca", where a former bank robber/prisoner with very little dental work is now the shaman-in-chief of a tripped out church where heroin addicts and trauma victims can come and transform their lives.  My friend and I were fascinated by this, but admitted we would prefer to do this at somewhere far more fabulous, like Amangiri, where we'd be clothed in beautiful white caftans with thin gold thread, while our supermodel-like spirit guides would gently dab our mouths of puke as we laid our heads on super high thread counted sheets while Alice Coltrane played softly in the distance. Fyre festival much? ;)

I'm also intrigued by a new category called Euphorics. The other day on an Insta stroll, I came across the brand Kin, a company whose tagline is "Euphorics for humankind" and whose hashtage states "#risewisely". Kin is a beverage composed of what seems to be something called Nootropics( GABA, phenibut, 5-HTP, tyrosine, and some other goodies)  and and the newly trendy adaptogens, a group of plants said to help "balance the body", according to the Kin site. My husband recently attended an event at the more poshly spiritual version of Wework, the Assemblage where adaptogen cocktails were served. He claims that during a group meditation, he went into a fairly trippy state thanks to said adaptogens. 

According to Kin's website, "Kin was born from the desire to unite all creators through meaningful connection. We believe in a night where social isn’t sinful and self-care doesn’t stop at sunset". Pithy for sure, also expensive (each bottle is $47) and also completely sold out unitl February. My trend hat has me predicting a big, big interest in non alcoholic beverages that serve a higher sort of purpose. Kin is clearly cashing in on the trend. Here's a review on Vogue.com. I have to check this out for sure. Oh and best of all? No hangover. 

With so much interest in mindfulness and purpose and things that bring you joy, I expect a big cultural shift towards more higher minded ways to unwind and relax.  Interesting that. I'm completely open to all of it- I've never been shy when it comes to better living through chemistry, so bring it on. WWHTD aka What would Hunter Thompson do? He'd probably ask for a side of raw ether; rumor has it it goes well with euphorics.

Cause that's what's up this I want a new drug kind of Tuesday in the 718, Yours, in healthy, happy trails. XO