Does rock and roll have a shelf life?

Good morning, Tuesday. It's so lovely outside and sun streaming in my window is giving me some much needed life.

So we've all heard the news about Mick Jagger having to bow out of some tour dates to have some heart surgery. I wish him a speedy recovery and was sad to hear he was ill.

But I will say this, and you may think it makes me a hypocrite as I've been speaking about ageism- it's time for the Stones and many of their contemporaries to throw in the towel when it comes to rocking a stadium show. It's enough already.

I say this because I think certain careers may have a real shelf life- nobody expects Michael Jordan or Dr. J to still play basketball. And I for one think it's the same for rock stars. There's an expiration date, with some real exceptions. And I'm amazed by the breadth of artists coming out of the woodwork to tour once again- Morrissey. Fleetwood Mac. The Stones. Steely Dan. Unlike the Stones, I imagine some of these folks need the cash, which, while I won't queue up to see them, I suppose I must respect the hip replaced hustle. But it is nuts how many of the bands of yesteryear are hitting the road. And some with great success. I'll give you an example.

I saw Bryan Ferry a year or so ago and he was backed by an ultra cool, gorgeous, young band. He has a timeless quality to his style and it works for him. He can still take the stage because he does smaller, more intimate shows. He's pivoted enough to embrace his age but is still true enough as a performer. And it works for him.

And though there's probably no way I could sit through an entire Cher show, I applaud her for doing it. Somehow her bombastic camp and glitz transcends age. So does her face, which miraculously does not age thanks to any combination of dermatological juju.

Performers like Leonard Cohen had an old soul vibe from day one. And his last show was a poignant tribute to a stellar career. And as a huge Stones fan, I feel their performance and live shows don't hold up to their younger years. I don't want to see them play slowly. I don't want to see it because it's not appealing anymore. At least not to me. To me, it's a bummer they don't just strip things down- and play some smaller shows like they did at the Beacon some years ago. That I would probably go to see. And maybe it's just because I've aged out of stadium shows- I went to see Dead and Co last Summer and could not believe there were "mature" people in the parking lot sucking on nitrous balloons. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Particularly at this age. Make it stop. And ps, I felt forced into liking John Mayer because he was the only one plugging the holes on the Titanic that night. And I don't like him at all sooo...

Maybe this is all terribly subjective. Because Iggy Pop can still be shirtless and wailing and it works for me. Patti Smith still performing? Absolutely. But stadium rock from the 60s and 70s is a big nah for me, dog. I guess I'm not a big fan of not acknowledging that age does not change you. Because it does. Right? Yes or no?  

That said, I will be listening to the Stones until the day I die. They are my all time favorite band and I will love them forever and their music has stuck with me my entire life, because the music itself does not really have an expiration date, but unfortunately, I think they're a bit past their "use by" date when it comes to live shows. . And that's that. Is there such a thing as a prime, ps? I don't know. I'm confused by my feelings on this I just know I don't want to see them at Met Life Stadium. Why can't they do a small club show? That somehow feels right. Or at least not as cringeworthy.

How we perceive age and its "rules" is complicated. I love how, much like sexuality, age is becoming much more fluid. I just think it's not about trying to capture something from your youth, but to keep learning, adapting, and pivoting and embracing. Because you can't go back. And why in hell would you want to? And maybe it's not about me begrudging the Stones their love for performance- it's really more about me as a viewer not wanting to see it anymore. I'm sure there will be many that say otherwise. I just can't. 

Cause that's what's up this rock and roll Tuesday in the 718. Yours, in still love you, just not live. XO