Can't commit to your resolutions? Give 'em a little lip service (courtesy of Glossier)

Good morning, Tuesday. Is anyone else having a tough time getting back to real life after the break if you had one? I know i am. Big time. And everyone's endless resolutions on social media are making me feel ill. So in that spirit, let's talk about lipstick. Because certainly you can commit to spending under 20 bucks for something new that doesn't feel as daunting as say- getting control of your carbs, becoming a lady boss, or Kond'oing your closet (just looking at her stresses me out). 

I bring you the humble new formulation of Glossier's Generation G lipstick. I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of a freshly applied lip. I like to blot it about ten times onto any paper I have available in my purse so it looks more settled and stained than heavy. I think I've told you before I have  a real love/hate thing with lipstick- sometimes I feel like a clown mouth when I wear it. But this lipstick is perfect for the lipstick averse, and you don't even need to lose a single pound or declutter to enjoy it. Word of warning: I'm not in love with the texture as it feels a bit drying even though they reformulated, though I think a sheer, matte lip is a brilliant idea. To solve that I can't recommend Laneige's lip sleeping mask at night time enough- I've written about it before and it's a wintertime savior. No chapped lips here. 

Anyhoo, I'm loving the Cake color from Glossier. That's the one I ordered because I love a barely there lip. It's the perfect just bitten, peachy hue and goes with almost anything else you put on your face. I also have Jam which is a deep berry (also nice) and am currently coveting Zip, a red hue and Like, a pinkish rose (my go to).  So pretty and barely there. I say make a resolution to get some damn lipstick and forget everything else. The rest will happen. But good lipstick shouldn't wait.

Cause that's what's up this beauty resolution of a Tuesday in the 718. Yours, in a little lip service. XO