Can a jumpsuit change your life?

Oh hello, Thursday.  How goes?

So I know I haven't written about clothes much of late because my focus has shifted to more content around reinvention and midlife and the like.  But I saw something the other day in Soho that made me remember why I love clothes, and why my point of view when it comes to style is kind of unique.

I was waiting to meet a friend at the Gucci store in Soho (as one does) but had a few spare moments and ended up in Celine. I know the fact that Hedi Slimane took over from Phoebe Philo was super controversial to some, but I love him and always have. I know Pheeb's legacy is huge, but Hedi's doing some great things for Celine. I have always been a fan of his sexy androgyny. It's probably the type of clothing I feel best in, particularly when I'm feeling in peak shape (not at the moment mind you but soon...).

So when I saw this leather jumpsuit it changed up my game a bit.

I fell madly in love with it. And though out of my price range, my fantasies surrounding it began almost instantly. I was willing to cease all carbo loading to wear it. I was willing to work around the clock to get it. And most of all, I dreamt of a scenario where this jumpsuit with ankle restraints could somehow become my everyday uniform. If my everyday uniform required me to lead some kind of super cool gang, that is. 

Now I'm aware many of you are having a big wtf maven moment right now. But for me, this jumpsuit is the perfect uniform. Like- where would I NOT go wearing this? I'd wear it to work with flats or a sneaker (remember i've always worked in creative casual environments). I'd I'd wear it to lunch. To dinner. To parties with a high heeled, barely there sandal. To any number of hotel bars.  I love the fact it provides instant cool cred. And it's somehow lightweight enough to not be an oven. But fact- not going to look good on mere mortals. And that of course, is part of the fantasy. But back to reality- I probably won't end up owning this, but I'm pretty sure this jumpsuit would be what I'd buy after selling the rights to a screenplay or removing several ribs to fit into it. A girl can dream.

I just wanted to share how much I still love clothes. How much they still inspire and move me and make me want to steam all of my vegetables. If loving you is wrong...

Just a little silly love song for ya this Thursday, brought to you by Hedi Slimane. Oh and I wrote a piece about Keanu that got published here. Check it out, people. I'd absolutely wear this get up to hang with him. Cause that's what's up this jump up and down kind of Thursday in the 718. Yours, in fashion aspirations. XO