Bye, Felicia

Good afternoon, last day of this bloody awful year. See ya. Go on. Git.

Listen I haven't been posting much of late because, well, I've lacked the inspiration a bit and I've also lacked the time. 

And in lieu of a proper look ahead/reflective kind of post, I'd like to keep it short and sweet instead.

This year kicked our primordial ass. I'm not sure I can remember a year as nail biting, please wake me up from this nightmare, make it stop kind of feeling. I am so glad it's over and I can't wait to shut the door on 2017. I have never wanted anyone or anything or any year to leave so badly in my entire life.

And it's not just Trump, #metoo, Maria, Irma, or anything in the news. For me personally, it was beyond challenging. There were moments when i was sure I would never figure it out. I'm not sure I have yet but absolutely feel better than I did a few short months ago. One chapter is closing for sure, and I for one am ready to throw the book at 2017 and all of its weird, Mercury in peyote kind of cray cray.

So with that, I'll sit here in my leggings and rock tee and drink a glass or however many of Sancerre and cook up a scampi and quietly give 2017 the old heave ho. Bring it 2018. BRING IT. And no need to remind me of what I'm grateful for. I know all of this. All the more reason for this wretched wench of a year to go, go, go.

I'm not one for resolutions as you know so not really making any. The one that keeps gnawing though is the need to give more of myself, my time, and my money to good causes and those in need. I'm going to make good on that one for sure. Cause that's what's up this see ya, later alligator kind of New Year's Eve in this delightful city at the end of this G-d awful year.

Cheers to the new year. Please make it better than the last. See ya, sucker. XO