Breaking up is hard to do...

Good afternoon, Thursday. 

I have a few words. About one of my favorite stores. Which is about to become one of my least favorites. It pains me to say but COS- I have to break up with you. And I'm not sure it's me. I think it's you. 

In the past, we had fun on many minimalist adventures. I discovered your wares when I was in Paris and continued to visit you every time I was across the pond. I am still wearing a blazer I got in London pretty much into the ground. I loved you that much. I belllowed your praises from many a rooftop. 

But that was then.

I think Rebekka Bay leaving was a turning point for you, and a bad one at that (she's at Uniqlo now). And moving to the States. I prefer you all exotic and cool and in Europe. Now that you're here in New York, let's face it- you're not as cute as you used to be. In fact, you kind of look like an Orthodox Jewish woman now. And not in a good way. Though I am a fan of modest fashion, some of your looks are straight up dumpy. And I don't do dumpy.  Or truly, just plain weird. Don't get weird on me, babe.

A word about some of the weird shapes you've been putting on the floor. I tried on a few pieces today in midtown and man. I felt like a Mummenschanz (see the green things above). I'm not sure what the weird volume at the hips is about, or the sheer weight of some of the dresses that just don't lay right when they are made out of horse blanket. I tried and I tried and I tried, tried, tried. And no satisfaction. None at all. In fact, I got stuck in one dress for a minute and completely panicked. You're literally suffocating me. What in the f'ing f? 

Can you take it back to something a bit more classic and minimal and spare? Although I admire the architectural shapes, I'm not sure mere mortals can pull them off. So for that reason, I'm hanging out with your somewhat sexier, more trend focused sister. Oh, heyyyy & Other Stories. I'm talking to you. I'm even willing to hang with your much younger sib, H&M. I can find fun trendy pieces in there and score big time. Plus that Erdem collection was my jam. But you? Until you return to any semblance of your former self, I just gotta quit  you. Au revoir, COS. I may drunk dial you up from time to time. But for now, I gotta move on. You've become a tricky business. And for that, I'm OUT.

Cause that's what's up this breaking up is hard to do kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in moving on. XO