Back to basics: 5 must haves for basic b's

Good afternoon, Tuesday. It's just shite outside. Freezing. Awful. Rainy. Ughs.

But the view from my laptop is lovely because I've been exploring a theme that comes back into my life from time to time and that is the notion of basics.

Of late, I've been wearing more prints, brighter lipstick, a general uptick in a more maximal than minimal vibe. But I still love to strip it all down and when I'm feeling a bit hari kari in life, I like to unplug. Retreat. Strip it all down. So it's no surprise I'm craving the very least when it comes to feeling the very most. We've all been there, and with the world and life and whatever else in constant panic mode, I'm hitting the off switch and powering down for a minute. Here's some stuff I'd take with me on that journey to nothingness:

This fisherman sweater from the very new brand Entireworld,  from the former Band of Outsiders designer. I love this American Apparel feeling, super minimal collection of elevated, wear anywhere basics. And I love a summer sweater for chilly nights sitting on the beach. Because in my mind, when all else fails, there are beach vibes. And that's what I'm looking to channel right this very moment. From midtown. Whatever. You get it.

This cute Urban Renewal white jean- loved the frayed edge, perfect with the above sweater. All good. Love these with a navy tank or tee for that Jane Birkin je ne sais quoi moment.

This nail polish from YSL in Beige Leger  is barely there. And it's beautiful. So in the mood for this with a bit of a tan. 

This Christophe Robin low shampoo/cleansing mask  is genius. I love using it- you rinse it in and out 3-4 times and let your hair dry naturally for that perfect crunchy wave. I personally hate "perfect" hair and love the unmussed chic that this gentle cleanser provides. Great for color treated hair. Great for girls with texture who want to embrace the wave. Strong yes on this, friends. Must have.

Oh and these sneaks from Rag and Bone are a down low dream. Lest you feel they are a bit too bare,  you get two free velcro letters to customize them. I had to have them. They are mine. I love them. And I'll be rocking them all over town, my "S" and "R" in tow.

And maybe you're wondering why I'm not showing a bag in this lineup? In my version of unplugged life, I'm not carrying one. Too many metaphors and such. :)

So there you have it, a must have list for the minimalist. Wondering what you're craving of late, but for me, it's most likely back to basics. Cause that's what's up this not terribly basic kind of Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in picking up stuff to pare it all down. XO