America, I'm worried about you

Good morning, Thursday. I'm cranking on a gig and need to go back home tomorrow so I'll be brief.

America, WTF is wrong with you? With us? Do we not have anything better to do than exhaust ourselves with covfefe or whatever version of that will happen today? Wonder if that phrase has been trademarked yet, ps? No, don't. Please don't.

Because I'm worried that by osmosis we're all getting real f'ing dumb, or dumberer. And lazy. Must we react ad nauseam each and every time Trump gaffes on Twitter or anywhere else? Because as you pop another brain cell troubling yourself over another meme, the Orange One is shell gaming us into a major world crisis. All I'm saying is this- keep your head in the game and stop getting distracted by the constant sideshow attraction known as the Presidency. This whole Russia situation, climate crisis, and everything else is far too important to miss. Meanwhile, Baby Face Kushner and Grim Creeper Bannon are gumming up the works while we're amusing ourselves with word play and autocorrect run amok. Oh and whatever with Kathy Griffin. Who cares???

Head in the game, friends. Americanos. What have you.  Listen, I love the memes from time to time too but seriously- can we focus on what's really going on? Enough comic relief. There's work to do. Now let's get back to it.

That is all. Now go enjoy your freedoms and refocus.

Cause that's what's up this staying woke Thursday in the 212. Yours, in not getting fooled again. XO