All about bob(s).

Good morning, Thursday. It's hot as a mofo out.

So I was cruising through the Gramz this 'am and always love checking out Jen Atkin's hair inspiration.  Jen is known for tending to the Kardashian clan's tresses but I also love her feed because there's always something trendworthy there when it comes to hair.

And of course, a change in weather has most of us gals thinking about Summer hair. And since I generally almost always have some version of a bob, I adore all of these fabulous looks- I have a huge crush on that Mica Arganaraz by the way. The girl with the curls above. OMG. She's to die for. CHIC.

Also those little French messy bobs are perfectly je ne sais quoi.  I love the shorter bobs shown here- and that bold eye. Fabulous beyond. I just wanted to break you off a little bit of hair inspiration- Refinery 29 is calling these looks the haircuts of Summer so get on it. I have that last story cut out from Bazaar (The Bob Squad) on my inspo board. Love that hair. 

Cause that's what's up this short hair don't care kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in good looks. XO