A sweet little tale of sickness, straight from my bed

Hi, there Thursday. Busy day today but thought I'd take some time out and tell you a little story.

I've been sick this week with a bad cold and an even worse sore throat. You know the kind of sick when you can't even summon the energy to watch television? That's the one. I've also gone from absolutely ravenous in the earlier part of the week to being absolutely revolted by all food but So Delicious almond milk ice cream, Cookies and Cream flavor, naturally.  David's been out of town so I stayed put for a few days, but decided to go back to the office yesterday, which probably was a terrible idea. I truly just wanted to stare into space and embrace my ice cream only diet, but oh well. 

Last night when I got home, I started feeling worse. So after finally being able to watch some housewives in New Jersey yell at each other in menopausal spasms, I knocked myself out with NyQuil. And Unisom. I'm a horse. It takes a lot to put me down. I can't help it. Plus after watching Siggy Flicker one needs something strong. She's cuckoo.  I'm also very concerned about Theresa Guidice's lipstick. SO WET. Why? It makes me nervous. And Dolores and the ex who Darwin clearly forgot about. I can't. 

So Khan and I crawled into bed early and damn if he didn't start a crazy coughing fit at around 5 this morning, while the rain came down out my window. I don't know if any of you have a smallish pooch, but they do this reverse sneeze thing that is just nuts. So he started coughing, and then I started coughing. Coughing so hard I scared myself, and him. After I rubbed his neck for what seemed like an eternity (that's what you're supposed to do, as well as bonk them lightly on the top of their head), he stopped coughing. And then I kind of stopped coughing. And then he passed out in my arms. Literally. And we slept until the alarm went off about an hour later. It was the most delightful moment of the week.

Cool story, huh? That's about what I'm working with this week. Truth is- this writing for a living leaves little time for this blog, which is unfortunate. And I'm also so super bummed about the country it's hard for me to think straight. Oh and I've been hacking up small nations of phlegm. That's been a delight. And that Motorhead sweatshirt I've been wearing every night has magic powers when I'm under the weather. But soon it probably needs to get washed or it's going to stage a coup.

I bring up the story not because I want you to make a link between dog sneezes and human coughing, but because there is simply nothing better than a dog snuggle when it's raining outside and the alarm is not due to go off for another hour or so. We were there for each other last night and I suppose that's all a girl could ask for. Actually somewhat grateful David was in LA- it wasn't cute last night and sure he would not have appreciated the emotional journey Khan and I took last night. Can't wait to see what this evening brings. Oh also- NEVER get chicken soup from Fairway. It's absolutely awful. How could a New York institution muck up chicken soup? I know, right? Disgusting.

So lest you think I'm living some sort of glam life where I'm bouncing around town, I'm not. At all. But at least Khan's great company. Truly grateful for that little guy. And David comes home in the middle of the night tonight so excited to see him too. Last time he did that, Khan started barking like a lunatic and almost gave me a heart attack. Prepped for another late night party tonight too. ;) Oh how I wish my throat would stop feeling like target practice for a knife throwing club. 

Cause that's what's up this scourge of a Thursday in the 212. Yours, in dog spoons and non dairy ice cream. XO