A little inspo for your get up and go: Make like an icon and travel in style

Good afternoon, all. Well travel is upon us with the holidays and such and I for one could use a little airport inspiration. And though I am dying to wear my new Alo leggings inflight, I'm going to resist the urge and try hard to wear something somewhat chic (no guarantees, try being the operative word). With that in mine, here are some all star looks that give new/old meaning to the word "jetset". How insanely great do all of them look? I want to revive stylish travel, truly. Here's how to look like your favorite star of yesteryear.

Brigitte Bardot- I mean- ridiculously chic. What do you need to make like Bardot and go? I'd suggest an animal print coat, large scarf (the French and their scarves you know) and a beret if you can pull it off and not look crazy. 

I love this spotted faux fur trench from House of Fluff. But all price points and styles available. Also bonus points for buying vintage. But this coat is magical. And animal free.

Twiggy- Don't you just love her brand of Anglo fab? To get the look today try a flared,cropped trouser, some loafers, and a cute jacket. Presto. Instant Twigs. Safe travels.

For a splurge, get these Gucci Vegas loafers for that cool block heel like Twiggy's sporting above.

And probably the one I could best emulate on the list- Shirley Maclaine. Lord bless wacky sunglasses and a short haircut and all black. Yes, I think I can. Here's a link to a fun pair that won't break ze bank.

Marilyn in fur. You go and get faux fur and a pair of heels and fly yourself to the moon. This one's a great fake, the only way.  Genius. Sexy. Gorgeous.

Oh, Cher. If only we could turn back time. A big part of me wants to see her Broadway show ps. I can't help myself. Love this hippie 70s ethnic vibe to fly to Peru or Tulum or somewhere fabulous. Your version can be an Isabel coat, folksy bag, snug sweater and belled jeans. And a cowboy hat. Duh. PS the woman behind her is serving major travel realness too. The head scarf is a great look, no? 

Found the above fab Zara number on Poshmark. So good.

Dear sweet Audrey. For those of you lad-ehs out there- this is your look. Go mod and short and you can't go wrong- and add a designer bag to boot. I personally could not fly with bare legs but you do you. Oh and you can't go wrong with a good Speedy bag from LV. Timeless.

Michael Caine, Ringo, and wives in tow going to Liz Taylor's 40th. Um yea. Love. Chic outerwear, rock star hair, languid gazes. Yes and yes. This coat is cool.  And so is this one. And I know I'm doing a lot of faux fur and trenches but there's a reason. See below.

So what have we learned hmm hmm? We've learned that the chicest women from the 60s and 70s have some things in common when it comes to traveling in style. Trenches, animal prints, fur (now faux because of course faux). A great boot or block heeled loafer, and a relaxed silhouette when it comes to your bottom half. And of course, a good handbag. Of the iconic designer varietal if available to you.

Just wanted to give you some get up and go inspo as we all prepare to fly the friendly skies. Yours, in taking back travel, one great look at a time. XO