A funny exchange across the pond yesterday

Good morning, Friday.

So bomb cyclones. WTF? Such a suitable storm for our current "climate" in this country. Everything is so mental and cuckoo and, pardon my language, 'UGE.

I literally could not get out of my front door yesterday and Khan and I had to wait for David to get home from work to go out. It was not a cute look for us. And if you too were home from school or work yesterday, you no doubt watched the news and from the looks of things, we were all about to go down in a bomb cyclone brrrr of glory. Sure it was a bad storm and sure it snowed in weird places like Charleston but Jeez. Winter much, anyone?

Funny thing yesterday- I was emailing with a friend across the pond in the UK and was sharing an article about the bomb cyclone and how truly "bombastic" it all seemed. To which he replied:

"Oh, dear. That sounds intense. We're currently in the midst of 'Storm Eleanor'...but I don't think it's quite as dramatic as the Bomb Cyclone.  A harbour wall was knocked down and it made national news".

And there you have it, folks. In the US we have #BOMBCYCLONES! and in the UK, they have dear sweet Storm Eleanor, who can be a bit temperamental, but, in true English form, keeps calm and carries on. (Except for the harbor wall bit). Incidentally, when I was in England last February, I delighted in the morning news, which, compared to our version here, is positively delightful. Good Morning Britain had a particularly riveting story that almost made me miss my ride one morning- vigilante pigeons were taking over the country and pillaging chip shops and stealing crisps. Cheeky pigeons. Parliament actually met to discuss how to solve the problem. I'd appreciate an update if you have one, UK friends. But back to bomb cyclones.

I just found the exchange very funny. Just picture if you could the human form of a Bomb Cyclone vs. Storm Eleanor. Pretty much sums up the good old US of A right now, doesn't it? In my mind, the Bomb Cyclone is a strange shade of orange and has a rather bizarre combover. As for Eleanor, she carries a purse and is always up for a spot of tea. I was just reading about her carnage and it's not pretty, but still, it's just Eleanor being Eleanor. Cheeky monkey.

Cause that's what's up this bombed out in Brooklyn kind of Friday. Yours, in weather is in the eye of the beholder/reporter. XO