What to wear when the weather's like woah

Good afternoon, y'all. Happy pre-4th. So much to celebrate this year (loud throat clear).

Moving on, it's hot. Like, real hot.

I was just cruising through Refinery 29 this afternoon and they had lots to say about what to wear when it's too hot to wear just about anything. Perhaps I'm not quite the demo, but those looks are not gonna fly. A bra top as top? Um. No. Not.

Biker shorts? Absolutely no way.

Would Bianca Jagger wear bike shorts? Absolutely no way. The bra as top? Perhaps. I myself always lean in to my love for vintage when it comes to Summertime, particularly the 70s. All day, every day.

For me, the only way to do hot is to wear something long and breezy and of the dress varietal. I only want dresses in this heat and that's that. I like a bit of Bedouin chic myself and this Barney's dress/caftan fits the bill. Love.

This Madewell striped number (ya I'm into stripes right now) has the right shape- loose. Drink all the rose and look cute while doing so. Done. 

This Black Crane overall situation is real good. I love how easy it is- perfect for weekends out and about. I'm breaking the no pants rule here cause jumpsuits don't count. And this one has a grownup kid thing that suits a playful mood. And yes, love black and white simple Summer moments.

This Gap dress is so my style- love the Indian print vibe and super cool and breezy and nicely priced, unlike the vintage Indian cotton dresses it is inspired by.  And nice and bare if that's your vibe.

And this little Ulla girl I happen to own. Love her. Super comfy and even though long sleeved, awfully cool. Love the vintage 70s feel and have never bought a piece from Ulla Johnson I haven't worn to death. Cute. Very cute indeed. Could even wear this in fall with leather leggings and a denim jacket. Scored her at a sample sale last week.

So truly, fear not if you don't want to wear a bra as a top. or if biker shorts don't suit your scorch. I for one love an easy, breezy dress or casually loose jumpsuit. 

Cause that's what's up this pre-4th swelter of a day in the steamy steamy 212. Yours, in sand between the toes and attempts at patriotism. Oh, and lots of beverages. XO