You need this loose powder. Full stop.

Good afternoon, Wednesday. Have I got your attention? You really should read this.

If you are like me, pressed powder or powder at all can be a confounding step when it comes to sealing in your makeup. For me, powder can be drying and make my pores somehow look like moon craters, even though my pores are not huge in any way. It just usually cakes and doesn't work on me, and I've taken to using a finishing spray over powder because I never like the way it looks or feels.

Enter Kevyn Aucoin's Gossamer Loose Powder  into my life. I have to thank my girl Rahsan Memik over at Barney's in Brooklyn who turned me on to it when she was doing my makeup for an event.  If you ever need makeup for any kind of anything and you live close to or in Brooklyn, you must have her do your makeup. It's you but a little bit better. Never drag queeny. Never overdone. Just perfect skin and then some.

So she used this powder on me and I loved the glow it gave me and my makeup did not move all night (she mentioned it's a makeup artist fav so I always trust the pros). It's true I prep my skin with primer (Hourglass Veil Mineral  is still probably my favorite in that regard), but this loose powder is fluffy and light and absolutely lovely. I love the application- it's idiot proof and you'll never end up looking like a white walker. No chalky finish whatsoever. No weird pores. Just gorgeous, finished skin. Subtle. I live for it and most likely will never use another. Apparently it's got secret Japanese ingredients that are more veil than mask. And it's kind of silky smooth too. Ooh I love it THAT much.

Is it cheap? Nope. Most of the good stuff isn't as we all know. But I think it's going to last a while and I'm loving it to pieces. So if you're looking for some next level finished face time, go for this. You won't be sorry. And go buy it from my friend Rahsan at Barney's. She's the coolest Dutch woman you'll ever meet and she's funny as could be. I try not to laugh as she puts on my makeup but it's hard.

I know I've been a shite blogger of late but with all this workflow in my "work" life, I've been remiss in inspiring you, let alone myself. But I adore this product and thought you may be looking to treat yourself this season. So have it.

Cause that's what's up this Maven pick of a Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in powdery well pressed goodness and finished faces. XO