TBT: 90s on my mind as usual with a new book on the matter

Good morning, Thursday. It's shite outside. But no matter- I'm Audi 5000 come tomorrow to chill in the woods with some pals. I can't wait.

So this being TBT and such, I wanted to share this brilliant collection of photos captured in a new book called "That's a Crazy One", which chronicles the 90s in New York from the point of view of best friends Mel Stone and High, who incidentally were the inspiration for the movie Kids. Article about the new book here

I love photos that document New York through the years- from Jamell Shabazz to Bruce Davidson to any number of people who understand the "relentless impermanence" (well worded quote from the article above) of this crazy place. Look at these photos and tell me they don't bring back some sort of feels. I love them and this book is a must have and all proceeds benefit NYC Public Schools Art & Photography program. We were all kids then. Or a lot of us were. I could look at these photos forever. And I probably will.

Enjoy that stroll down memory lane, would you? Cause that's what's up this looking back kind of Thursday in the city of NY.  Yours, in kids and impermanence. XO

For more information, visit the project's website here.