Stella, I love you. Now about my hair...

Good morning, Wednesday. Gloomy but warmer today in the BK.  The element of surprise was alive and well this morning when I spontaneously decided to take an early spin class which happened to have a sub which happened to make it a brutal class which happened to lead to a whole lot of unexpected extra level sweat.  OK then.

So as I was cooling down, I spotted this Burberry story in February British Vogue, shot by Willy Vanderperre and featuring my girl crush of all girl crushes, Stella Tennant. How do I love Stella? Let me count the ways. Ok I can't. Because I love her to infinity. So regal, so stylish, so traditionally beautiful but not all at once. And that HAIR. How can you not love a Bowie/Stella kind of vibe like this? Over the top? Yars. Fabulous? Uh huh. Totally. Which gives me pause. 

Because I've been trying to grow my hair for a minute or two now and to do that, I simply throw it back and off my face so I can forget about it. A recent cut got me to that place I love more than anything- the shaggy Keith Richards vibe I'm always after. But any time I see Stella, it makes me want to hack it all off. As a long time short haired lady, growing my hair feels futile. But I persist. Because change is good. And I need change. But Stella...argh. You get it. You get me. And yea, I'm not Stella Tennant. But channeling her is always a very cool idea.  I could never do that slicked back vibe but that short hair is just the most chic.

Hoping this is my biggest drama of the week ps. I'm feeling in my zone lately and don't need any setbacks, of the follicle variety or otherwise. Cause that's what's up this STELLAAAAAA of a Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in to trim or not to trim.