Retail alert: Five affordable sweaters to wrap up the holidays from H&M

Good morning, pals. Happy Hump Day and though I'm on a bit of a shopping sabbatical, that doesn't mean I can't share some great deals with you post Black Friday/Cyber Monday blah blah blah. And since it's most definitely sweater weather, I thought it would be fun to share with you some amazing sweater steals from H&M. Full disclosure- I don't wear a ton of sweaters. If you have not lived in New York, you don't know from the unique brand of cold we have here, but you also don't know from the extraordinary amount of heat pumped through old radiators and heating systems in office buildings, restaurants, and unfortunately, one's own home in an old brownstone in Brooklyn. Wear sweaters in the winter here? Sure. Just be prepared to wear a tee shirt underneath so you can peel it off once that bikram building heat comes for you. I'm presently wearing a tank top in my apartment so there you have it. Ooh and also- the itch. Of wool. I can't.

But punishing fake heat aside, have a look at these great pieces, all super reasonably priced. Good sweaters are often very expensive- and I'm in favor of purchasing a great and expensive sweater or two per season, but these fun pieces won't break the bank and feel very aligned with the holidays. So here we go.

I love this oversized Fair Isle that looks super comfy and soft and itch free. I love it with leather leggings or tights. So good.

Brown is my favorite hue for clothing, besides black of course. I adore brown and it's a color that is super hard to find- so a sweater in this hue is always a good thing. Love it with jeans or anything else at all.

I'm not one for cropped sweaters but I know it's a great look for certain body types and I adore the classic feel of  this one, particularly when paired with white or winter white jeans and a suede bootie. Chic. Very New England Christmas.

So this is not technically a sweater, but love how a fuzzy jacket like this can replace a classic cardigan, particularly with a graphic tee and some jeans to keep it all very rawk and roll. Adorable. 

So this one is not for Scrooges but some people love a good holiday sweater, and this one is not too goofy and is a pretty look for a holiday brunch or casual celebration. Get involved. There's a way to be festive without looking silly.

So there you have it- great pieces at great prices to keep you cozy and happy this season. Cheers to a wonderful holiday season and why not self gift a bit at a reasonable cost? Cause that's what's up this bundled up Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in wrapping it all up. XO