Monday is under the duvet day

Hey, Monday. It was a lovely weekend working and making stuff with good friends and enjoying a day off yesterday in that glorious weather. I'm a fan.

So it's a gloomy one here in Brooklyn and don't be jealous, but I'm still under the duvet. I have no interest in motoring around today and suppose that's one of the gifts of freelance life, I don't have to.  It's rare I allow myself a pause. I'm uncomfortable with not knowing what's next when it comes to work, but since I have a project coming my way, I'm enjoying the sweet silence.  It's been a crazy couple of months with the move and such and having a down day is a lovely thing. Don't expect much from me today. Hold my calls. I'm hiding out wincing through a Rascal Flatts performance on the Today Show. Who likes them? Why? "Life is a Highway" reminds me of sitting in an airport Chili's. Awful. 

Oh and needless to say, my little fur baby is very happy to have a day off too. He's happily curled up next to me- there's nothing better than a bed in with Khan. He's good at napping. See him? Exceptional even. It feels so indulgent to do absolutely nothing. But sometimes my fake Type A soul craves some peace and quiet and lethargy. I've been forced to be a little Energizer Bunny but really, I'm slothlike. 

Wherever you are, enjoy your Monday. Maybe you're out hustling, maybe you're just chilling. It's rare I'm happy staying put, but feeling content to do absolutely nothing. A post about nothing even.  A Seinfeldian blog post.

Cause that's what's up this easy breezy Monday. Yours, in keeping it quiet. XO