Maven pick: Aziz Ansari's Master of None is must see TV

Good morning, Tuesday. It is splendid in New York today. Yes, splendid. And glorious. And delicious. I love this city when the seasons change. It's so beautiful.

So many of you may think I'm a bit of a maven about town, but truthfully- I'm every bit the couch potato. I have always always loved television and I'm so happy that programming of late has been fuego. I am loving all the new shows of the last few years and how good TV is in general. I am indeed the cheapest date in town- just set me in front of the TV with a glass of wine and some Seamless and I'm sorted.

One of my new favorite shows is the stellar "Master of None", Aziz Ansari's brilliant show, now in it's second season on Netflix. If you're not familiar with Aziz, you need to know who he is- he's big as a minute and funny as hell. Now listen- I'm a Louie C.K. fan. It's hard not to be. But there's something kind of sticky (as in gross) about Louie- we all know he's a superfreak. I can't help but feel that way. I have many girl friends who claim Louie is sexy. I can't get there. Plus his maudlin take on New York drains me from time to time. And sometimes, his jazzy soundtrack is a bit heavy handed. DON'T SHOOT. I know he's brilliant. But Aziz.

So Aziz is a lovely man of Indian descent, whose positive energy comes through in his character, Dev- a young comedy type of sorts looking for love in this crazy town. I love his friends on the show, and most of all, I love his silliness at a time in our country when we need it the most. If Louie is the guy you do shots with and talk about the decline of western civ, then Aziz is the guy you eat a slice with and create funny voices for all the people walking by the window. I love him. Oh and his hilarious first response on any of a zillion dating apps? "Going to Whole Foods, want me to pick you up anything?" BOOM. Immediately funny and puts a lady right at ease. Great.  How could a single gal resist? Men who make women laugh. The very best. I should know. 

In this season, he does a wonderful episode on learning how to make pasta in Italy, and I'm completely smitten with an episode he did about New York City- I won't spoil it but he absolutely nailed the beauty of this city- from uptown to downtown, from rich to poor. So so very on point. And his portrayal of being of Muslim descent (his real dad is in the show) is a refreshing change from what we typically see. It's funny because I always related way more to a dark horse like Louie when it came to the funnies, but now I'm all about and so in need of Aziz's infectious goofiness. It's the best. Plus Bobby Canavale's cameo this season is amazingly good.

If you haven't watched it- you must must must.  An unlikely hero in these tenuous times. The show is like dessert every time I watch it, but with much less guilt. Go get some sugar, kids. You're welcome. 

Cause that's what's up this Netflix and chill kind of Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in comedy always wins. XO