Maven crush Friday: Going into the weekend like Lowe...

Good afternoon, Friday .I'm writing to you from a plan on the way to Vegas where I'm watching "Friends" and Danny DeVito is stripping to "Tainted Love" and sipping on a bloody mary. All in all, not too terrible.

And in honor of a girls trip with fellow midlife mavens, I had to share my love and affection for Pearl Lowe, who's 49 years old and every bit my girl crush. She's one of those cool English birds I dig more than anything. And now she boasts a fabulous line of dresses (I want them all).

I'm also OBSESSED with her Instagram, which celebrates maximalism to its height. 

The English do this so well, ps. That eccentric, loopy aristocrat thing. I'm all about it. Much better than Kimye's minimalist starship enterprise. I don't relate to that at all.  I need warmth and personality in my casa. I love her notion of "faded glamour". So fabulous. So into it.

Anyway, Pearl's my girl. I love her. Love her vintage aesthetic, love her cool girl cred (here she is with Kate Moss in hazy days), and love that she came out the other end of a gnarly addiction and survived to tell the tale. She's fabulous, and mom to Daisy Lowe, a gorgeous girl in her own right. And that's why she's this midlife maven's crush of the week. I'll be hanging in Sin City till Monday. Wish me luck, cause you know I'll be a lady. 

Cause that's what's up this over the top kind of Friday en route to the west coast. Yours, in rolling the dice and English roses. XO