Everything's coming up roses

Good morning, Monday. On the road to recovery but still not at 100. This cold likes to keep me hangin' on. Oh well. At least it's sunny and warm.

So in the midst of my self imposed rest day on Saturday, I found the energy to go to the BK Apple store and buy a new computer. I was the proud owner of a 2011 MacBook Air- I believe it was the first generation of the Air and I used it to almost it's own death. Many of the keys were even rubbed off from my emphatic typing through the years. And for a while I resisted buying a new one, and I don't know why. I had a few gift cards so the computer was not a huge expense, but still I held off.

Maybe it's because that old Air was my first computer bought after 7 years at a full time job. It was the beginning of my freelance career and I remember how excited I felt buying that shiny, new Mac at the Apple Store on Lincoln Road in Miami.

Cut to now when my freelance life is very much still happening, but I've switched gears a bit. A whole lot less producing, a whole lot more writing. Hoping that's the way it's going to stay, thus the new computer/talisman to say as much. And it's the rose gold MacBook Air and I just adore it. There's nothing like that new computer smell. ;) Had my eyes on that sucker for a minute, and now it's all mine. Happy new computer day to me-ee.

It's nice to face another manic Monday with a computer that is not on the verge of blowing up. And who has a B key. And a P key. And all the keys. I'm a happy girl. Oh and bonus- it looks good with my hair color. Come on you don't color coordinate your hardware to your hair wear? ;)

It feels good to buy things that are an investment in your business and your future. I highly recommend it, even if you have to take a minute and plan and save for it. Cause that's what up this brand, shiny, new moon of a Monday in the 212. Yours, in rose colored everything. XO